How to get faster results (and sleep better)

It finally started bubbling…

Which meant we had to turn the heat down

To stop the pea soup – which me and my daughter were making in a cooking session with Mindful Bakes- evaporate away..

Or worse?

Burn to the pan…

But despite this,

when the bubbles went away..

My daughter wanted the bubbles to come back…

(in true toddler tantrum style)

Sure, it may have cooked faster.

But the recipe said to simmer it.

So the flavours come out

So it’s tastier…

And – of course – so It doesn’t burn…

And we end up with NOTHING…

But dust!

So what’s this got to do with getting faster results?

Well, quite often when things don’t work 

We think we have to do more

And GO GO GO faster…

But I just want to share this message I got the other day from one of the ladies on our programme:

“I always feel foolish and sit / lie there thinking I could be doing something else

But both times we’ve done it I’ve slept really well”

So what is she referring to?

Well, as well as our fun, effective ladies only workouts

We also have mindfulness sessions once a month (as well as yoga)..

And – I’ll admit – I was SOOO skeptical of all this stuff at first..

Especially as it I find it HARDER to doing ‘nothing’ than ‘something’..

Like, I would rather worry than not..

I’d rather procrastinate than not..

(just like I had been doing with my kids story book I am writing)

Until – of course – I actually tried it more than once haha

You see, this whole fitness, health and weight loss stuff

Is more than just dropping a few dress sizes…

It’s more than just food…

It’s more than just exercise..

Quite often…

We set goals based on what we think we should do 

Maybe because someone else lost some weight etc

And that’s all good if it gets you started.

But the problem with this?

If it doesn’t have enough leverage..


It’s not important to YOU / it doesn’t address what you REALLY want.

Well, no matter what you do, it’s going to be difficult to stick to.

Thing is, most of the ladies I work with want to

✅ feel better 

✅ have more energy 

✅Improve their sleep

✅ get fit – so they can make every day tasks easier

✅ fit into some clothes they want to wear 

✅ improve their health / be around for longer

✅ Be more mobile and help the pain in their joints

Now, of course, losing fat/ weight will provide SOME of these…

But not all of them…

So if you’re putting all of the emphasis on the scales?

Well, when you don’t see the scales move…

Maybe you think you should have lost more?

You forget:

1) you’ve stuck to something for the last week (how do you know that one more day won’t get things moving?)

2) it’s not a race –you want these results to last, right?

3) even if you “only lost 1/2 a lb” this week…😭😭😭 that’s still 2 stone in a year 👍💪

I could go on..

And it’s exactly why we get you focusing 

on the daily habits in our 4 Week Kickstart programme.

To get you doing the things you probably know you need to do 

For long enough to see the results you want!

That’s why last week we had Carol From Haney’s Holistics for a session to deliver a mindfulness meditation session…

Because we know that stress, not slowing down, and a lack of self care / “me time”

is one of the key reasons why people don’t do the things they know they need to do!

Quite often, we think that speeding up is the answer..

How can I do more?

How can I go faster?

When actually

we need to slow down to get some perspective, and bring our attention to what we’re actually doing…

or not doing…

As where your energy goes, your attention goes…

And if you never slow down enough, take time for you, always do everything for everyone else and never prioritise self care?

Well, it’s only a matter of time before it prioritises you, be it through an illness, cold, burnout etc..

I’ve been there.

Many times…

Saying ‘yes’ to everything

Burning myself out

And before I know it?

I’m as useful as pea soup burnt to the bottom of the pan…

It’s why I’ve got a coach to help me do what I said I would do, prioritise my time, and keep me accountable..

Matt ‘making time for pea time’ Fruci

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