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“I’m off out with 30 women…”

^^^ those were the words I said to Mrs Fruci last week 

And without any context…

I’m not sure this would have went down too well 😉

But let me explain…

It was our Fruci Fit Christmas dinner out at Dan’s Restaurant in Marlborough <<< highly recommended by the way

But it’s interesting because

When I first started all of this..

I had quite a lot of negative thoughts…

They weren’t actually mine because they were actually said to me by someone else.

“Can I do this?”

“Can I really help people?”

“I’m not a women…who am I to help you?”

I started using language like:

“I shouldn’t” be doing this…


We’re getting great results in our Fit For Life Programme like these 

I developed a programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes with Public Health that demonstrated improved fitness and better glucose control / blood sugar levels…

^^^ So despite all of the evidence telling me I should be doing it…I still believed otherwise…or at least had these thoughts…

I still doubted myself..

Interesting, right?

And I see this with a lot of the ladies starting out on our December kickstart

Often say things like:

“I can’t get up to exercise”

“I’m not sure I’m fit enough”

“I’m not sure it’s for me”

“everyone else will be fitter than me”

I get it…

Anything new is scary…

And when you keep thinking these thoughts?

You become hard-wired to go straight to these thoughts..

Which then dictate your actions and the results you get..

You see, it is easier for your brain to go back to these old thoughts than to think and create NEW, positive ones…

Like me doubting myself…

But the thing is…

Without the DOING

You will never know what you’re capable of…

Just like Michelle:

“I did it. My first Park run. I came in last – but I didn’t stop once, I ran some and walked some. 

The second half of my final lap I ran the whole way whilst carrying out a conversation!! I even had enough energy at the end to a sprint to the finish line! Felt good afterwards and loved the support of those around me. 

I’m pretty certain if I had not lost the weight that I have and have improved levels of fitness that I have gained from doing the fitness sessions with you I would have struggled to complete it and struggled with my breathing, stamina etc. 

So thank you Matt for helping me to get to this point. All those squats are paying off!”

This is the stuff that gets me excited..

Going from being certain in your mind that you can’t do something 

To DOING it..

Oh and it sure helps when everyone else notices

Like Julia said:

“So last night I went out with my gang! They all were some complimentary about how much weight I have lost and how well I looked.

I cant believe it.

Thank you Matt. I couldn’t do this without you.”

And we’re seeing such great positivity and wins with the ladies who’ve already started their December kickstart

That I am extending this for 4 more ladies (must be over 40) until Saturday…

To come and train in December for FREE…

To kickstart some healthy habits

Because if you can fit it to your lifestyle around Christmas

When can’t you?

If you want more details on this…

Just message me with ‘Marlborough’, ‘Devizes’ or ‘Burbage and I’ll get them sent over

Matt ‘date night’ Fruci