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“What can I eat between meals?”

^^ question I had yesterday 

It’s interesting one

And my answer? 

Well, it depends…

(Boring answer, I know)

On what you do now?

Why you want to eat between meals?

You see, there are no “perfect” snacks…

In fact, I’d go as far as saying 

That if we actually had larger meals 

We might not need to snack ..

And given that “snacks” are generally delicious and easy to overeat?

That “may” be a tool in the toolbox try.


Eating as little as possible at a meal 

Might actually results in  you eating the coffee and cake later…

But anyway..

If you do want some ideas for snacking?

Or were bit stuck on the go

(As I was at a conference not too long ago)

 I thought I’d share a few “snacks” I had handy for the car journey and flight ✈️ 

1 – Itsu thins – these are “ok” and give you that salty hit with next to no calories (the are made of sea weed. 

They are also a very good source of iodine which is important for thyroid function. 

2 – Beef Jerky – high in protein and iron, another easy, light snack to carry to keep you energy levels up 

3 – Propercorn popcorn – again, low calorie, high in fibre and tasty! I love the peanut butter flavour!  

4 – Grenade protein bar – these are the best tasting protein bars I have ever had…

White chocolate is my favourite. 

5 – A latte – yep, super simple. Caffeine for an energy hit, milk for some protein, iodine, and B vitamins to keep my energy high (something that has been in the media a lot recently as more and more people seem to have a vitamin B deficiency) and tasty!

6 – an apple – handy to travel with and find it a lot more satisfying than, say, a banana..perhaps due to the crunch 

So there you have it…

These are my 6 snacks I travelled with…

And I guess the best thing about these are that most of them are available in any WHSmith, M & S, or service station shop.

But with Christmas on the way…

I will say that over the weekend I was introduced to Heck Chicken Cocktail sausages (sage and onion flavour)

89 calories per 4( and 10g protein to keep you full)

Definitely a tool in the toolbox for me!

Again though…

It’s difficult for me to help you 

Without knowing your obstacles and what you need help with..

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Matt “on the go” Fruci