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So I got this message from Sara last week:

Jumped on the scales this morning

I’ve got my target weight!!! It took longer than planned but that is irrelevant

I’m not strict with my eating but I’ve learnt to THINK before eating a hot cross bun for lunch. 

Breakfast is always a protein smoothie in case I get hungry at 11am. I wait until I’m hungry to eat. 

Portions have little carb at supper and twice more veg. Love coming to exercise!! Not sure how far it will go but I will see. Huge thanks for kick starting what I already know but had lost the HABIT!! 

I  feel slimmer at this weight now than I did at this weight before. Odd description but that’s how it feels. Probably changed fat for muscle??”

Well done, Sara! 

And the reason I’m sharing this is because as it’s now December

And we often feel like we don’t have the time, energy or capacity

To do much with our fat loss or fitness goals.

Meals out 


Quality street (especially the purple ones 😉)

Are everywhere…

And it’s easy to fall into the “start in January” trap

5-6lbs heavier than where we are now…

And I’m all for enjoying Christmas and eating / drinking 

That’s part of it.

But like Sara said

You don’t have to be “strict” to get move in the right direction and kickstart your habits 

^ in fact, a “diet” that isn’t flexible is more likely to result in the binge / F it / start again on Monday cycle

Because – like Sara said – even if it takes a little longer to get to your target weight…

Who cares if you actually  get there ?

And get there whilst enjoying exercise

Or having to be strict 

And it feel like a chore?

And all this is why we’re doing our “train for free” in December offer right now

For ladies over 40 who are thinking there’s no point in doing anything in December.

Because  l want to show you how powerful small, simple changes can be 

Just like Sara has found 

If you want more details on this (we start this week in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage)

Just message me with “Devizes” “Marlborough” or “Burbage” 

And I’ll get you the relevant details

Matt “December” Fruci