If you have no willpower (read this)

So I’ve had a few more daddy day care days than usual this week…

And one thing I’ve noticed is 

The warning signs..

That a storm is brewing…

I’m not talking about the weather here.

I’m actually talking about a toddler “tantrum”…

It’s either:

A lack of sleep?


Or a change of environment that’s needed..

It definitely wasn’t the first 2…

So we headed off

To the park 

And what a difference:

one baby fast asleep

and the other quacking at the ducks 🦆 

Why I am sharing this with you today?

well, one thing that the ladies I work with have in

common when they come to work with

me is that they think they can’t

get in shape because they lack

WILLPOWER (or so they say..)

^^ sounds familiar, right?

I get it. 100%

Let me explain something though

(and I learned this from my own



Yep, contrary to most peoples belief

Willpower ALWAYS runs out and it


so what’s the secret?

1- Set yourself up on a plan that

requires a VERY SMALL amount of


This is exactly why I believe that the best type exercise to tone up and get in shape

is one that leaves you asking for more..

not just because you had fun…

but because you actually felt you could do more.

Why is this important?

Well, can you see how powerful it is to be asking for more exercise and intensity? 

Especially as most of the ladies that come to me have – unfortunately – fallen out of love with exercise

be it because of ‘willpower’

feeling intimidated in a gym

worried they are too unfit

Need someone to personally put a plan together with them so they do it…

2- Create an ENVIRONMENT that is

congruent with your outcomes

lets go a little deeper real



1- If your plan requires LOADS of

willpower- > it means you’re doing

something you hate

and who the hell wants to do that?

you’re actually setting yourself

up to fail from the very start

it’s not a matter of IF you fall

off the wagon, just WHEN.

2- When your environment opposes

your goals- ALL you’re left with

is willpower

and like I already said and you

already know…

when all you’re left with is


that willpower will ALWAYS run out

and THAT, is why what we

do in my 4-Week Kickstart Programme is so incredibly

Simple and effective…

we’ve created a plan that requires

only a little willpower…

(Because it’s personal to you, your work life, home life, sleep pattern, preferences and lifestyle)

AND we’ve created a motivated, empowering


For ladies to support and empower each other

Whether that’s through a workout

Struggles with emotional eating

Or a tapas night out (as we did on Friday)

Because when I talk about the support and teamwork in our programme?

Here’s what I mean:

“I would have given up by now.

Even my husband can’t believe I’m still doing it.

And it’s all down to you and the other ladies.

What fab ladies too.

I feel really super charged up for my day.

See you tomorrow.”

^^^ It’s probably the reason why the ladies here

have produced so many head turning

results here? 

if you’re ready to be our next

success story and get a handle on

your willpower and motivation?

Just reply with 

“August” and I’ll get you the details on our 

 4 Week Kickstart Programmes PLUS a £10 discount voucher valid for the August Programme.

(with times available from 615am, 7am, 930am, 1130am to 1940 in the evening so you can work it around YOU)​


We only have 2 spaces left for


And although once gone you’re welcome to book a call?

I can’t guarantee a start date. Or the price. 

Matt ‘no willpower’ Fruci

PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you:


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