“I knew it” (the secret to weight loss?)

“I knew it”

The three words that one of the ladies said to me the other day

when we were chatting about this fitness industry and all of the stuff she had tried before – shakes, ‘natural supplements’, slim tea, Slimming Clubs, low carb, Lean In 15,  intimidating exercise classes…

Essentially, going over what she struggled with most

And guess what?

It was NOT weight loss.

She had lost weight before…many times. They all ‘worked’ in terms fo weight loss.

But the weight came back on (and more in some cases)

Now, yes, this is – as she admitted – due to not being able to stick to the diet and lacking some motivation

leading to her going ON / OFF constantly.

Creating that yoyo dieting scenario where you are back and forth.

but is this really your fault?

I mean, if you try something is works to help you lose weight

It seems like a good thing to go back to it again

 even if you have put the weight back on again and struggled to stick to it even when life gets busy, social events, eating out, stress, long working hours and a lack of time

Because it ‘worked’ before.

I mean, I’ve been there, too.

When I was at university, I always used to think that I had to exercise before breakfast


stop eating carbs late at night to lose weight

I had ZERO idea that this just simply meant that I reduced calories by doing this

(I was told some complicated BS stuff even my some researchers at university who completely failed to consider the CONTEXT of the science)

And I failed to consider how this did NOT fit my lifestyle as soon as I joined the real life and got a job, a wife and babies…

And THIS is what they struggled with most, too…

👎Fitting it all in with EVERYTHING else.

👎It became a nuisance and a chore, rather than something to give her more energy, improve her shape and feel better.

👎Worried about being judged at an exercise class

👎Having to eat certain foods and think about food all day

👎Not getting the support through comfort eating 

👎Struggling with the work / life balance​​

👎Being told that ‘we don’t like people who don’t lose weight here anyway’ by a Slimming Club (true story….)

👎Not getting the polite kick up the bum to help them do the things they know they need to do when motivation disappears…

I mean, I’m all for getting results, weight loss, more energy, feeling more confident and enjoying clothes shopping again…

It’s what we specialise in after all (check out some of the ladies results here )

But you know what?

Sometimes the ladies I work with do NOT actually lose as much weight as they thought they would

(mainly due to comparing themselves to weight loss programmes that do not consider what happens a year later​​, health, and body shape


Considering that how much you lose often depends how bad your diet is and how much you have to lose…which is why comparing yourselves to others is a sure fire way to fail​​​​)

👍 Sure, they lose inches and their waist shrinks..

👍 But they develop a more positive relationship with food

👍 Start finding exercise FUN​​


👍 Find a plan that they can do without really thinking about​​​​​​

Which is exactly how habits are made and TRUE sustainable transformation happens…​​

Just like what happened to Sue here​​​​

​Rather than expecting a cookie-cutter plan to work for you…


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