The ‘G’ word that supposedly makes you fit and healthy

So my 2 year old daughter well and truly outsmarted me last week.

 if you’ve ever met a two year old…

You’ll know that sharing is definitely not caring😂

“Share?’ I say to my 2 year old daughter (Ottilie) as she takes the toy tractor from my 18 week old daughter (Imogen)…​​

And it was lovely to see her share with her sister and give her the tractor back..

But then this happened:

We’re sat there eating a roast dinner..

My 2 year old daughter ​​finishes her chicken

turns to me and says:

‘Share?” 😂😂😂 pointing at my chicken…

​Cheeky, ay? 

how do I respond to that without being a hypocrite? ​​

But it must be hard being a toddler and grasping all of these concepts….

​​​​Learning to share. Not being able to always get what you want.

But sometimes I do wish I could be more like her.

​​Just getting straight stuck in yesterday at Rugby Tots even though it was her first time….

Not worrying about what others think…or what you’re meant to do…

You see, no matter how hard we try, it’s difficult to ever completely stop worrying about what other people think.

As a parent, this is probably more prevalent.

Especially with the guidelines saying one thing and seemingly changing all of the time depending on your generation…

why I sharing this with you today?

Well, it’s exactly the same in this health and fitness industry with everyone talking about different guidelines…​​

And ALWAYS changing them…

Like one minute dairy is healthy?

the next goats cheese is a syn, but milk is not?​​​​​​ 

Do 10,000 steps, get sweaty, avoid saturated fats, join a gym, eat wholegrains but not popcorn lol, free foods…

The problem with this?

It’s overwhelming and confusing ​​​​

makes it EASY​​​​​​ for you to put off doing anything…

Because it takes TIME, ENERGY and you have no idea how to fit all this in…

Or if you’re doing OK

Which ​​​​​is why we focus on just 3 things in our Fit For life Programme..

1) Making the FOOD flexible ​​to suit your needs – that’s right, we bend the guidelines to make sure you focus on the priority, aiming for what’s PRACTICAL rather than PERFECT

2) Just aiming to be a bit better with your FITNESS TODAY (after all, your results today are a lag indicator of your daily habits over the last 3 months)

3) Helping you FOCUS on what’s important, overcome self sabotage, negative thinking, and be OK with prioritising YOUR own health and fitness in 2019 with our one to one support and accountability to help you do the things you know you need to do even when you’re low in motivation

^^^ after all, it’s much easier to help everyone else if you look after yourself.

And that’s all we do in our Fit For Life Programme with the ladies here​​​​

​​​​​Matt ‘share’ Fruci

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