How To Avoid The F it Mindset

Something I’ve noticed is that whenever I’m beating myself up, worrying about something or anxious…

It’s usually because

I’m comparing ACTUAL progress to IDEAL progress.

Like thinking I should have worked out 4 days instead 3…

I should have cleared all my emails last night…

I should have read my daughter 2 story books not 1…

But you know what?

This way of thinking is the SURE way to trigger that F it mindset…

Screw perfection in 2019 🔥

And stop comparing ‘actual’ progress’

to ‘ideal’ progress..

That’s if you want to stay motivated and get the results in 2019.

As otherwise, you’ll find yourself in Fantasy Land…beating yourself up for not being ‘perfect’…
Instead of spending the next one minute debating whether you can be bothered to exercise or if you have the time (and beating yourself up for not doing it… )🤔
Try this one minute arms and stomach workout above.
And don’t forget, it might not be perfect. It might not be what you could do 10 years ago.

But 1> 0 😃👍💪🔥

That’s what I tell myself when my workout is squatting up and down whilst using my 2 year old daughter as a weight 😂

Let me know once you have done it 🙂
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