Your hubby will thank me for this one

I can almost sense it when they say it to me now

And I coin it…

“the hubby effect”

Because not only did Billy mention a while back about how she was the lightest she’d been since 1998

And that her hubby had lost a stone in the process

Just last week

I got 2 messages from members on my body transformation programmes.

We had Mel saying how her hubby had lost 9lbs (without ‘doing anything’)

And another saying:


‘on a really big high …hubby lost 13lb just from eating from the nutrition plan for breakfast and dinner only!
He eats crap in between and at night. 
But it has inspired him to actually start trying’


Now, although I don’t want to be known as the body transformation coach who encourages the consumption of ‘crap’

^^^ Actually, I do…

The truth is…

You can enjoy a bit of ‘crap’ and still ditch your love handles

Which means no more feeling guilty about having a piece of cake at your kid’s birthday party

And a new wardrobe to go with all this ‘crap’ you’re eating

^^^ Something that your hubby probably won’t thank me for 😉

And this is exactly what I’ll be teaching you at our FREE seminar at Marlborough Golf Club on May 9th 🙂


Register here:

Matt ‘full of crap’ Fruci

​​​​​​PS. Speaking of ‘crap’, I was looking at one member’s nutritional strategy she’d been following the other day…

And it’s funny because the old her would have called a choc ice ‘crap’

But now…

She just has it as part of her plan

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