6 reasons why your stomach fat isn’t shifting

No April fools here…I’m afraid

Lean and mean Matt is out today (as one member on my body transformation programmes puts it)

1) Exercise is making you move less –


So we know exercise has benefits way beyond just weight loss

Improving your mood

Decreasing your risk of disease

but when it comes to weight loss

I see ladies on my body transformation programme with the latest gadget telling them they’ve just burnt 400 calories doing ‘x, y or z’

Now, this is great…

but what happens if you now feel tired for the rest of the day?

You might start walking less

Fidgeting less?

So, have you really burnt an extra 400 calories?

It’s why I get you doing manageable and FUN workouts in Fat Loss Mastery

So you can work them into your day WITHOUT crawling out of a gym

I mean, we work hard

But there’s working ‘hard’ and working smart

2) Exercise makes you eat more –

Let’s say you burn 400 calories

You then feel hungry

Please with yourself

And justify an extra few Hot Cross Buns for your hard work 😉

What COULD happen?

You actually overcompensate

Eat more than you’ve burnt

Which is exactly why your nutritional strategy in Fat Loss Mastery is created for you based on your lifestyle and what you do on AVERAGE

By adjusting things as your body changes….

Which brings me to point 3

3) You never adapt the plan –

Did you know that as you lose weight and tone up….you need to adapt your plan to keep getting results?

you need get smarter

Get more tools out of the toolbox


Most people can lose weight

But most people cannot keep it off

And your mindset can sometimes hold you back

I see it in Fat Loss Mastery

‘I stayed the same this week’

‘Well, was it hard?’

‘Not really’

‘So losing a stone without feeling like you’re on a diet isn’t progress given that you would previously put it all back?’

You ge the point

and this brings me to point 5

5) You get so caught up with the scales you forget what you’re NOT doing –

Let’s say you put on a pound this week

Did you do the work?

Yes or No?

If, yes, that’s great

Because we know we can adapt your plan to breakthrough this stubborn fat loss period

If, no…

well, using your Fruci Fit Battle Plan,

You’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do to get the things you say you want


6) You forget your ‘whys’ –

A big part of what we do in Fat Loss Mastery is get you to question why you do what you do

Because 40% of what you do is habit based

And given that the best diet in the world is the one you do

if you can build the behaviours that will guarantee you results into your daily life

there’s no more relying on willpower

How do we do this?

Well, first off

We make small changes

Gain momentum

Count your wins


I get you to remember your “why’s”

Be honest

Why do you REALLY want to lose weight?

* Level up your sleep and energy to do more fun things with the kids?

* More confidence to have a better relationship with the other half?

* Not be out of breath when climbing stairs?

* Not feel like ‘the fat one’ with friends and family? 

* Improve your health so you can be around longer?

* Take the pressure off your aching joints so you can be more productive with your day?

Because whenever you CHOOSE not to do the things you need to do to get the things you say you want

You’re technically saying you DO NOT want those things

It’s a polite kick up the bum

and if you need ‘kick’

Go here:


Because applications close tomorrow for my free 7-day trial on Fat Loss Mastery


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