Why Billy’s partying like it’s 1999…

And it’s not even New Years Eve yet…

You see, Billy’s now at the same body weight she was in 1998 

^^^ the year she got married. I know, I said 1999. 1999 just had more of a ‘ring’ to it)…

Here’s an update from Billy:

“My mind tries to tell me it isn’t working because I have eaten ‘too much’ but the evidence shows it is wrong!

Matt encourages small changes that can be sustained as part of daily life for the long term.

I can’t get used to this new look body I have created. It’s a surprise every time I go past a mirror, I think it will take a while for my old mindset to accept it.

Who needs Christmas presents?”


 What an inspiration

And speaking of inspiration. 

Her husband has also lost a stone in the process

^^^ Getting the old “don’t lose too much” comments…even at Christmas time (madness…)

I don’t normally say this (even my wife will back me up on this one)

But I don’t have much more to say

Apart from

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Matt ‘partying like it’s 1999’ Fruci

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