Are sweeteners bad for you?

Are they full of ‘toxins’?

Are you better off with sugar?

Does that mean diet coke is ‘bad’ for you?

​​​What about sugar-free squash?

I’ve heard aspartame gives you cancer?

^^^ I get these questions a lot

It’s why I did a short inner circle seminar a few weeks back on this topic for member on my body transformation programme.

Where I revealed:

* what you never hear about diet coke from toxicologists 

* the main ingredient in diet coke that will SHOCK you

* The truth about aspartame

* The toxins you’re exposed to every day

* What your semi-skimmed milk is guilty of

* The truth about pesticides

* The 3 keys to focus on to lose weight and keep it off BEFORE anything else 

And much more…

but for now…

I’ll leave you with this:

A recent study of all studies showed that low calorie sweetened products DECREASED your overall food intake and INCREASED weight loss compared to drinking sugary products.

So as you’d probably expect…drinking a diet coke will help you save calories and increase your weight loss!!

In fact, compared to water alone, adults consuming low energy sweetened products lost – on average – 1.24 kg MORE.

So why is this?

Well it seems that “diet” drinks or products may provide that pleasure we’re seeking from food but without the excess calories to go with it..

So we feel satisfied…less likely to reward ourselves or crave that Cream Egg (Ok,you now probably can’t stop thinking about how much you want a cream egg…)

Does this mean I recommend you swap water for sweetened products?

Of course now.

But if you’re sipping on juices and sugary drinks

then yes, diet drinks would be a step in the right direction 🙂

BUT the beauty of science is that you can’t argue with the data, no matter what I believe!

And as for “sweetener” being “toxic”…I spoke about this previously but in a nutshell, there’s no evidence that in doses possible for humans that sweeteners are cancerous or toxic. Dosage is key. Did you know that apples actually contain a poison?

and it’s these myths that make us confused.

They make things complex. So complex that we have an excuse not to follow it…

“it’s too hard”
Matt ‘myth buster’ Fruci

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