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How to overcome the worry about being fit enough

So I did a video last week live on Facebook

about the crippling worry of thinking ‘am I fit enough?’..

and I do get it.

We have all gone into situations where we question whether we are good enough..

Be it in exercise, job interviews, at work on a daily, as a parent etc..


Because when I see some of the ladies on our Kickstart programme get such transformational results, not just with their body 

but their mindset and habits,

 the way they feel,

 their energy,

 love for exercise,

 comments from friends and family .

Other half in complete shock they’re still getting up and exercising …

(check some of their stories out here:

And because I see these results..

It almost gives me MORE energy to share this message with you today…

That when you question whether you are ‘fit enough’?

To ask the question:

“Fit enough for what?”

Because when I go through this with the ladies and ask:

“What would the session need to be like for you to be fit enough?”

It can be exactly that..

It’s never as bad as you think it is.

Just like Wendy said in the comments of the video I have shared below:

“I was amazed when I first went to the session and it was great you don’t realise you are working out x”

And that is the aim..

We know from research

That we go too hard in your workouts..

End up crawling out of a gym and hating every minute of it?

We don’t keep it up.

And we actually end up compensating by:

Moving less (we might not do that walk or gardening we normally do)

Eating more (“oh, I’ve earnt that Quality Street”   <<< you might even eat the horrid green triangle ones…I’m purple or nothing ;-))


Here is the video I did to help you answer the question:

“What does the session need to be like for you to be fit enough?”

I hope this helps (there is also a link to a free workout in the comments of this video):

Matt ‘fit enough for what?’ Fruci