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So me and Mrs Fruci’s first ever date was in London… 

An easy place to get to for a long distance relationship… 

But anyway 

 on Saturday we had a Fruci Family day out to London. 

Me, Mrs Fruci and our two daughters (aged 1 and nearly 3)… 

First time taking he babies on a train.  

“It will be lovely”..I said… 

And don’t get me wrong, it was…lovely.  

Amazing seeing their faces on the train and going to Museums etc. 

But I must admit.. 

There were some testing times…. 

And safe to say a little different to a first date in London 😂 

Baby sick all over me during our picnic on the train… 

Walking up the 193 steps at Convent Garden station with a baby strapped to me 

 as I hold her milk to her mouth to stop it dropping on the floor for the 27th time.. 

Racing to the loo, potty in one hand, babies in the other… 

Only to reach a long queue 😱 

Lost socks.. 

Spilt milk.. 

Hanger…(ok, I  did have this one on our first date) 

I could go on… 

But – ultimately –  

Amazing memories.. 

And you know what? 

It got me thinking  

How my mood and my energy  

Can impact others because it impacts the way I respond and reach to things. 

You know, when your energy is low, sleep is off, and you haven’t had time for you.. 

The smallest thing can really get you down and annoyed… 

But that every sane thing  

Can make you laugh on another day where your energy is high and tolerance is high.. 

I guess it depends on your perspective and expectations too… 

Just like the researchers who found that Norwegians seem to get through/ enjoy the winter more than us 

Simply because they look for things to look forward to about he winter (hot chocolates, snow, warm fires, walks, nice coats, scarfs, family time) 

Rather than focusing on the darker mornings, cold, wet, wind and “how I’m going to cope” .. 

And I guess it reminded me about how powerful our thinking is.. 

To the way we feel 

Which impacts the things we do and those around us.. 

 A reminder of the question that a coach of mine asks me… 

“Who would it impact THE MOST if you had energy, more of a buzz about you and got better and dealing with stress and low moods?” 

Powerful question.. 

Because not only do you feel better… 

But everyone around you benefits from it too.. 

How amazing is that? 

It’s enough leverage for me to do the things I know  I need to do.. 

When I consider that question about who would benefit the most: 


Other half? 



Because whether I like it or not.. 

My habits, mood, energy, and behaviour  

Impact everyone…not just me! 

And if you want to do something a bit different this year  

And use our CREDITS and DEBITS system to help you enjoy Christmas 🍷  

Whilst kickstarting your exercise and daily habits? 

Message me and I’ll show you how you can work with us for free in December.. 

Matt “who?” Fruci