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Sniffles? 4 ways to beat the common cold…

With the temperatures dropping this past week

And two babies in and out of nursery…

Bringing all sorts of germs back..

It’s safe to say that I’ve felt my body fighting the start of a cold this week…

And a few of the ladies have also asked me what the best things to do are

And also whether they should exercise.

My rule of the thumb is that 

If you have symptoms that are neck down (shivering / hot and cold)

I would rest..

If it is the sniffles?

You can still exercise but probably just something light and easy (you’ll probably feel better after a walk outside).

Now, before I go into the 4 things that can cut down how long you’re ill for (and also reduce how long you’re ill for)

I will say remind you of the ‘not so sexy’ PROVEN things to help: enough sleep, regular exercise, plenty of veggies, and daylight

^^ the boring basics that you have heard before I know, but before I talk supplements, I Just want to bring your attention to the basics…

That all said,

There is some evidence that certain supplements can help…

And if you’re like me and HATE being ill…(as it stops me being productive and I love being productive…)

Then here are some things to try:

  1. 1-2 g of vitamin C a day have been shown to reduce the duration of a common cold by 8% (not huge, but still better)
  2. Supplementing with zinc reduced the duration of a cold by 33% (that’s pretty huge)
  3. Vitamin D reduced the frequency of colds
  4. Echinacea supplementation of 2400 mg/day for 4 months seemed to be beneficial in preventing / treating the common cold

Might sound small…

But the average person has 2-5 colds a year..

If you could reduce that amount / the duration they last for…

What would be different?

With your productivity?



And given I’m here to help you get the most amount of benefit from the smallest effort…

Small doses of exercise to boost your immune system  (like these 5 minute ones here

Good nutrition to help give your body the nutrients it needs..

And good sleep (here is an interview I did with a sleep researcher from Oxford Brookes University:

Can all help this…

You don’t have to do it all today…

Just pick ONE…

And remember

Small habits – done consistently – have a compound / domino effect…

In other words..

When you starting doing ONE thing..

And doing that ONE thing well…

It becomes  a habit..

You then need less willpower to do it

And your capacity to add in another habit is increased..

Allowing you to add in new, healthy habits

So you can look and feel better

With your energy, body, the clothes you wear, the things you say yes to…

And most importantly..

The way you talk to yourself..

Going from beating yourself because you set unrealistic expectations and couldn’t do it it…

To now focussing on the ONE thing you can add in to your day TODAY

To make you feel fitter and get more energy 

So you can do more of the things you know you need to do to get the results you want

Matt ‘fighter of the common cold’ Fruci