“I comfort eat”…

So I was chatting to one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme the other day about

comfort eating..

It’s probably the number one thing the ladies say they struggle with when they come to me…

They know what to do.

They know why they want to do it…

But this still doesn’t stop them making

excuses and doing anything but the thing they want to do…

be it having control of eating OR exercising..


She was saying that it usually happens in the evening.

after dinner


Mid afternoon. 

bit of boredom sets in.

she sits down.

stressful day…

maybe the wine comes out in the evening, too..

(the husbands fault ;-))

And before you know it…

the crisps are out and it’s F it…

what’s the point.. ‘I’m rubbish’…

But the thing is..

She has a learned behaviour to turn to crisps after a long day…

When she is feeling good and has loads of willpower…she does NOT eat crisps..

(no one messes up their ‘diet’ at breakfast, right? it’s not that common to eat chocolate cake for breakfast…and think ‘why did I do that…?”)

So the association she has learned is:

Stress + tired = eat crisps..

And – stress – isn’t going anywhere..

That’s life..

So this might seem a bit strange…

But – and the research backs this up- what if you had this so-called ‘bad’ food

when you were having a good day?

When you were more in control?

Would you enjoy it more?

Savour it ?

Rather than it be some restrictive REACTION

where you now eat it whilst beating yourself up about it?

But here is a lot more to the reasons why we comfort eat than this…

Job satisfaction 

Low energy

Lack of sleep 


Poor nutrition and low protein / iron / vitamin B

Not doing anything fun for you (when was last time you put yourself first and did something you love?????)

So I am going to give you a few ideas based on what works for me..

  1. Have a list of things that make you feel happy that are non-food related and DO ONE TODAY…

(for me, this could be time with daughters, making them laugh, watching comedy, dog walk, having a bath, meditating, having a nap)

  1. Have more protein at your meal  

(sometimes if I eat too light at a meal I almost give myself permission to snack…where the floodgates can open)

  1. I go to bed earlier  

(sounds simple…but it is blooming hard. I always have emails, washing, and stuff to do. Not to mention time with my wife which having busy jobs and 2 kids is pretty precious)

So I hope this helps..

And what I will say

(and something I say to ALL of the ladies inside the programme)

Is that this will only ‘work’ for you if you do it..

And not just once.

Because it might not work straight away..

But as long as you get more self-aware about the things you do almost automatically?

The more control you will have over your habits…

And speaking of habits

That just so happens to be what my brand new book is on..

Should be on Amazon by Christmas (hold me to that…)

Matt ‘comfort?’ Fruci 

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