She was told she wouldn’t get better

So Cassie shared an update of her progress the other day…

(3 years later)

From mobility scooter to now…

Although her weight loss is transformation is amazing (you can check it out here)

This is NOT what today is about..

Wednesday  / midweek cannot often be a bit of downer for many..

Especially after a Bank Holiday weekend on the wine…

So I just thought I’d share what she said

As I’m pretty sure – just like it did for me – it might give you some inspiration to keep going today:

“although you all see a dramatic difference in my weight. 

There has also been a significant shift of my mind. Not only to choose to look after myself physically, but mentally too. 

I don’t know if you have been following this page for a while, so I will explain the significance of these two photos (I have only just discovered it). 

There I was looking for a old photo and a new photo. 

Little did I realise that the old me, yes was 96kg. 

I was also using a mobility scooter to go anywhere because I was so sick. This photo was taken after I took 10 steps from my scooter – it was all I could manage that day.

My second photo was 2 weeks ago (not quite 3yrs apart) when I smashed my personal best at my local Parkrun. 

And I achieved for the first time sub 30 minutes for 5km.

Worlds apart!! 

I was told that I wouldn’t get better and may even get worse and to get used to my scooter because that was my life.

I didn’t give up.

And neither should you. 

One day at a time 

and half arsed is better than not arsed.”

A mum, with 2 kids…

Told the mobility scooter would be with her for life

But just kept going

With her first goal of wanting to walk her kids to school…

Well done, Cassie ☺

Oh, and forgot to say, she didn’t give up the wine, either 😉

It’s another example of how

The way we do things in our programme is way more 

than just ‘weight loss’ and dropping a dress size or two”

*It’s about building a healthy, positive relationship with food (so you can take control of comfort eating)

*It’s about increasing your confidence and energy from your food and fitness

*It’s about prioritising self-care so you – dare I say it – put yourself first…as when you feel good, everyone benefits when you’re full of energy and enthusiasm: you, your family, friends, work colleagues…

*It’s about personalising the nutrition to you so you can enjoy the foods you love and still see results  (so you can actually stick to it…without having to give up wine)

*And It’s about noticing a better, more empowered and determined version of you showing up each day – jumping out of bed with purpose. 

So if any of this resonates with you

I’d love to invite you to our next 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough and Burbage 

To see if this might work for you.

I continue to grow our programme

As I know how much our fitness and nutrition principles have helped me and the many other ladies HERE

Our next 4-Week Kickstart programme starts in a couple of weeks

So there is plenty of time to get in shape for summer

Anyway, 7 spaces available for this. 

If you’re interested, just reply to this email with the subject line ‘4 week’

And I’ll get you the details.

Regardless of what you decide

Have a great Wednesday and I hope you take inspiration from this

Matt ‘fired up’ Fruci

PS. I only think I mentioned wine 3 times in this email 😉

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