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How to boost your willpower

Something I do on a Sunday is get clear on THREE thing that if I do that week could have the biggest impact on my progress.


Well, it means that no matter what comes up…

Gets in trouble way, I stay focussed on these three things that:

  1. Align with my values (when you do things that align with what you value, they tend to give us more energy)
  2. Will take me closer to how I want to look and feel

And to be honest, I figured that I could pretty much narrow this down to ONE thing:

Get to bed by 930pm..


  1. More energy 
  2. I get up earlier and have “me” time before the kids are up 
  3. I have more energy to play with the kids (chase them, throw them around, play toys, walk in the woods and create memories)
  4. Less irritable 
  5. More motivation to exercise 

I could go on.

All these amazing things comes from just going to bed by 930 for me.

But even though I know these things 

I still don’t always do it.

And it’s a bit like when we think 

“I know exercise is good for me and always makes me feel better but why is it still so hard to do ?”

^^ question I had 

Now there is no easy answer for these.

But for me?

It’s about thinking about the smallest step you can make to progress 

Rather than changing everything all at once.

Because when I look at the facts?

I’ve actually got to bed earlier than I did the week before in average..

But I’m simply choosing to put myself down for not being “perfect”

Almost as if we put more our attention on the negatives and what we do wrong when we are trying to improve..

Forgetting to look back at how far we’ve come. 

And maybe even forgetting how quickly we can change the way we feel

And our energy. 

Like with the kids.


They just need a change of environment…

“I want that “

“No I want that”

So we got the raincoats on and off we went out for walk with the ducks and geese…

And what a difference:

one falls  asleep

and the other is talking to the geese and ducks (and splashing in puddles in her nice, new boots…)

Why I am sharing this with you today?

well, one thing that the ladies I work with have in

common when they come to work with

me is that they think they can’t

get in shape and get fit because they lack

WILLPOWER (or so they say..)

^^ sounds familiar, right?

I get it. 100%

Let me explain something though

(and I learned this from my own



Yep, despite what they say ..

Willpower ALWAYS runs out 

so what’s the secret?

1- Set yourself up on a plan that

requires a VERY SMALL amount of


This is exactly why I believe that the best type exercise to get in shape

is one that leaves you asking for more..

not just because you had fun…

but because you actually felt you could do more.

Why is this important?

Well, can you  see how powerful it is to be asking for more exercise and intensity? 

Especially as most of the ladies that come to me have – unfortunately – fallen out of love with exercise

be it because of ‘willpower’

feeling intimidated in a gym

worried they are too unfitting follow those home workouts you see online where they’re just jumping around .. 

They need  someone to personally put a plan together with them so they do it…

2- Create an ENVIRONMENT that 

Aligns with where you want to be, how you want to look and how you want to feel

Let’s go further into this:

If your plan requires LOADS of

willpower- > it means you’re doing

something you hate

you’re actually setting yourself

up to fail from the very start

it’s not a matter of IF you fall

off the wagon, just WHEN.


When you’re environment opposes

your goals- ALL you’re left with

is willpower

and like I already said and you

already know…

when all you’re left with is


that willpower will ALWAYS run out

and THAT, is why what we

do in our FREE 5-day  kickstart programme for ladies 40+ is 

(Here’s are the details for our free 5-Day Kickstart

Is so powerful and effective.


we’ve created a plan that requires

only a little willpower…

(It’s personal to you, the exercise takes just 10 minutes and the task just a few minutes a day which have the power to completely change the way you feel and rewire your brain to challenge the habits you want to change)..

AND we’ve created a motivated, empowering


And this is something I’ll be going over in more detail in my free in my 5-Day Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ who struggle to do the things they know they need to do..

Details here

it all starts with one step. 

One habit at a time…

Matt “one thing” Fruci

Ps. Here’s what Wendy Said last week:

“I knew I needed to exercise but didn’t dare make it a New Year Resolution as I didn’t trust myself not to break it straight away. Now, amazingly, I have exercised just about everyday. My muscles are stronger and toned, my diet better plus something I didn’t expect to happen through exercise, this has been a significant support to my mental health after a personal difficult 18 months and now is helping me get through the COVID19 social distancing and anxieties about my daughters working frontline NHS. Thank you team Fruci.”