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How does it work?

So since I first mentioned on Sunday that  

I would put on a FREE 5 Day Kickstart Programme specifically for Wiltshire ladies over 40..

I have had a lot of messages ..

Especially since I ran the last one and we received such amazing feedback over the 5 days.

So I thought I’d sum it all up here…

In a nutshell,

I’m putting on a free 5-day kickstart for a small group of local ladies that want to drop a few lbs, get into a positive frame of mind and kickstart their motivation & healthy habits. 

This is ALL done from home, in your own time as the recordings of the workouts and my live Q and As will all be up for you so you can catch up when is convenient. 

Even if you have done this before, I invite you to do It again 

Maybe you didn’t complete it fully last time?

Maybe you did but were unable to stay consistent with what we did (which is OK, this is about progress not perfection)?

Maybe you just had some fun doing it (and enjoyed the accountability and evening Chat with Matt)? 

Either way, it would be amazing to see you there. 

Here’s what we cover in the 5 days:

DAYS 1-2: Making Nutrition & Exercise Simple – 

Learn More About Basic Nutrition, And Learn To Get Active Again. I’ll Talk About The Pressures And Barriers That Are Stopping You From Being Consistent And Help You Stop The Yo Yo Effect You Keep Finding Yourself In. I’ll Set You Short (low impact) Exercise Sessions (10 minutes) To Kickstart Your Results. I Will Also Take You Through A Powerful, Yet Simple Tool To Help You Take Control Of Your Snacking Habits

DAYS 3-4: Self Awareness & Motivation To Do The Things You Know You Need To Do: 

Focus More On Where You Are Today. What Does Your Life Look Like Right Now? I’ll Teach You A Great Strategy To Find That Out And Audit Yourself So You Know Which Strategies Will Work Best For You (& know how to get better results than you are now)

DAYS 5: How To Stop Stopping: 

How To Stay Motivated & Get Through The Honeymoon Period Of Diet & Exercise (get this right, and you never need to ‘start’ again…)

I realise that you may be skeptical, 

There is so much rubbish out there…

This programme is genuinely FREE, no hidden costs, no tricks. 

All I ask?

You show up and meet me 1/2 way. 

We start on Monday 22nd June

And the group will be open from Saturday where I will be introducing everything for you.

Limited spaces so book your place here:

See you there

Matt ‘5 days’ Fruci

PS. Here’s what some of the other ladies have said:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this week, possibly some exercise routines and promotion of a business. I was wrong. I found it went over and above my expectations. 

Matt delivered his advice in a really friendly, encouraging and easy way. 

His advice has inspired me to be more mindful about what I eat and what exercise I do.

His Q&A sessions were really useful and made me realise that us older ladies can take steps to improve our health and fitness, however small those steps need to be. 

I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the Kickstart 5 Day Challenge. 

Thank you Matt. x


“I started with Matt and his team a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed the variety of workouts with different instructors and never boring!!!

from low to high impact, including various alternatives that enable ladies of all abilities to do the exercises!

The diet advice and ongoing support is amazing.I’m really feeling the benefits, more toned, motivated and being more aware of what I’m eating. I’ve lost a few pounds and inches.

I’m so happy I started on the programme everything makes sense.
Matt seems to have a Mary Poppins bag always bringing out something interesting”

Gill Stranks

Like I said it is completely free

And all I ask is that you meet me ½ way and show up ☺

More info here: