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I didn’t feel comfortable

“I knew they wouldn’t do it”

And this felt uncomfortable…

It didn’t quite sit with me, right. 

Although I knew the information I was giving was great and backed up by science..

I knew they needed more..

Because 9 times out of 10.. 

People would leave feeling super motivated 

But I know they’d do nothing with it…

Sound familiar?

I mean, I for one have been on many day courses…

Only to leave with nothing but a bit of motivation that lasts a few days… 

Now, for a few years I worked on an education programme for the NHS for people with Type 2 diabetes. Essentially, if you were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes then you’d be sent on this course..

The feedback there and then was great 

But I knew that most people would do nothing with it…

there was no follow up…

And this wasn’t just important for their results 

But also because – quite selfishly-  I was unable to see what they were doing after 

Or help them again…

Give them a little nudge which is sometimes so simple 

That they probably knew it already but just needed to talk through it with me

To make it specific for them…

Just like one of the ladies the other day who’s now made a simple adjustment that she now has a coffee and a walk or workout at 4pm (prime snack time)..

And I actually get soooo much energy from seeing / hearing people message me and say what they’ve achieved.

They’re really is no better feeling.

Sometimes I feel that maybe I actually attach too much of my own self worth on seeing others do so well.

It makes me REALLY HAPPY. 

Getting messages like this from Kathy yesterday, who posted this on Facebook:

“I was feeling very lethargic after the enforced Covid-19 lockdown and knew I was eating/drinking unhealthily. 

Matt’s focus on older females appealed to me and the fact that everything can be accessed from your own home. 

Matt is a good listener and asks questions which help you to honestly address your diet. I turned vegan 18 months ago and have felt tired over the last six months – I now recognise I was not replacing protein in my diet sufficiently and have changed my meal plans especially my breakfasts. 

The exercise, stretching and yoga sessions are aimed at all levels and are 15 or 30 minutes long, you can join live sessions or use the recordings at a time to suit. 

This is great if you have a busy schedule as you can put a session on at a time that is convenient to you. 

There is also so much under-pinning support – meditation, competitions, meal plans, webinars, 1 to 1s with Matt.

 Importantly there is a lot of laughs and good humour!

  I would recommend this programme to anyone who is hesitant about starting any level of diet/fitness plan. It was the kickstart I needed.”

Well done, Kathy.

Now, so what’s the difference between someone getting what they am want and actually doing it 


Just nodding your head and saying “yes that makes sense” but not actually doing it..

Well, here’s my thoughts:

  1. Accountability to keep you doing the things you know you need to do 
  2. Support so you can reach out and ask for help to overcome the obstacles that WILL come up 
  3. Not being too vanilla…

Now let me explain number 3…

You see, as I said when I was doing education programmes for the NHS,

The information was great…

But it can sometimes be too generic …

Which leaves too much choice…

You can eat any food you like whenever you like…

And I’ll admit, for years I would say things like “everything in moderation” 

Forgetting that as great as this is, this is so generic that it means different things to different people…

Your moderation is different to mine..

And just being told “everything in moderation” 

And one thing I’ve found is that to get great results (which makes me happy)..

You have to create YOUR plan 

Not my plan 

Not a generic plan 


That fits your lifestyle..

And this is exactly what I help you do in my free 5-day kickstart for ladies 40+ who know what to do but still don’t do it.

We start on Monday and you have until Sunday evening to join. 

Details here:


Ps. Here’s what Fiona said yesterday:

“👍👍👍 also, as well as doing your core workout this AM, I’m just back from my first 3k jog non stop in 20 mins in this awful rain! #well chuffed! “

Love it 😃

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