Calories, Your BS Breakfast, and McDonalds…Is Anyone Right?

Calories, Your BS Breakfast and McDonalds...Is Anyone Right? 

Do the basics. Do them again. And learn to do them well. 

^^^ I've said this before and I'll say it again.


I'm as open minded as you are.

I too am looking for the BEST way to ​lose body fat.

The topic of calories has come up quite a bit this week...particularly with the old sugar tax sparking some debate!

Do they count? Is what we've always been told wrong? Is it as simple as cut sugar out? Have we been fooled all of this time by thinking calories count?

Not quite...​

So here's 3 quick reasons why you're NOT being fooled (there's plenty more but I know you're busy):

1. ​You CAN ditch your love handles eating McDonalds...

56 year old Science teacher - John Cisna - ate 540 straight meals at McDonalds, lost 56 pounds, improved his cholesterol, blood pressure and other blood markers. 

As the article rightly says, does this mean we eat fast food all day everyday?

Of course not!​

Eating whole, nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits, potatoes, lean meats, beans, dairy etc are going to help keep us full and more satisfied.


What this experiment does prove is that the BASICS WORK...


and if this means "the odd" McDonalds then that's fine.

^^^ I'm more of a curry man myself.​

2. ​Hormones impact body weight...but can you actually change them to help you shed the stomach fat without changing your calories?

In most

Changes in hormones are often gradual and small and occur due to...

You guessed it...

Your energy how much you are exercising and how much you are eating <<< ENERGY BALANCE

Of course, stress and sleep can impact this too


another thing to consider here is can you actually measure your hormones?

is it practical?

Well, unless you live in a lab, probably not!

A little bit of food and exercise tracking for 5 minutes sounds a lot more convenient to me.

3. Eating 5-8 times per day DOESN'T spike your metabolism any more than your typical 3 times per day

It's a shame when I get "Matt, I couldn't do what you do. You know, eat 8 meals a day, I don't have time". <<<< for the record... I DON'T EAT 8 MEALS per day. I eat to a set target, be it through 2 meals, 3 meals, 4 meals or 5 meals. Just CLICK HERE to see Wednesdays day of eating by the way. 

​^^^ So if eating 8 times a day this is putting you off then don't let it. 

Eat when you want and how you want...just fit it to your body, your lifestyle, and your nutrient needs. 

And as for breakfast, it's not the be all and end all. Like breakfast? Eat it. In  a rush and feel like you have force yourself to eat it? Skip it and save the CALORIES for later when you're sitting down with the family and can enjoy your food!​


​Losing the gut is as complex as you want to make it...

and guess what? The more complex you make it the more reasons you find to put it off...

And stay exactly where you are right now. Pissed off and confused...​

Calories count. Whether you go low carb, high carb, low fat or high does come down to energy in and energy out. 

However, I will say that recent research is suggesting that eating more protein when combined with weight training may allow you to EAT MORE and "get away with it!"

But generally, it goes (in order of importance):

  1. Hit your calories
  2. Get sufficient protein
  3. Set your essential fats
  4. Eat enough fibre
  5. and the rest is carbs

Just like I teach in The Lean For Life Starter Kit

Start tracking, even if for a few weeks just to see where you're at and gather your baseline / improve your knowledge of what's actually in the food you are eating.  

Master the basics THEN once you have a good idea of what portion sizes look like you can eyeball foods, live a flexible life, get lean and stay lean..

​Speak soon,


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