Stealing wraps and giving up your favourite foods

So 10 mins before my nutrition presentation with Swindon Town FC...

Dora decides she wants in.

The most annoying thing of all was that I only needed 2 wraps. I had 8 and she took a bite out of all 8...

Now, she's done this before. She pinched my Nandos style marinated chicken with peas, beans and rice. She did the exact same "I'm all innocent" pose she's doing in the picture.

She promised herself she wouldn't do it again...yet today she did it again!


I'll let her off. After all, she's a greedy Labrador and I'm leaving food out on the side...

It's a bit like me telling YOU to GIVE UP all of your favourite foods (and your social life will probably go with this)...

It's doomed for failure!!

Which is EXACTLY why a sustainable nutritional strategy DOESN'T mean you have to give up your curry.. Or

Tapas... So on that note, I'm off for some Tapas!

Speak soon,


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