Fall off the bandwagon (even though I start the day with good intentions)

What to do if you keep starting with the right intentions but never follow through and fall off the bandwagon at the end of the day …

Sound familiar?

It’s something we hear a lot. 

Be it with snacking on an evening 

Or drinking on an evening ….

So I did a quick 1 minute video on this here

But in short:

1 —> Rather than focussing on “don’t drink” or “don’t snack” focus instead on doing something else instead 

2 —> For example- go for a walk, sing, dance, listen to your favourite music, have a bath, read

3 —> the key part? Putting your attention on doing something else. If you say “don’t [insert habit] your focus is on the habit…

So give this a try today

Might seem simple

You might be thinking 

“It’s too simple it won’t work for me”

And that’s the exact issue .

We don’t do the simple things 

Then get sucked into miraculous diets 


Promising diets specific for cravings, blood sugar, gut health, genetics… you name it

Which – guess what – don’t have the science behind them 

And just tell you what you already know you need to do..

So the key part?

Taking action 💪

That’s exactly what differentiates those who get results and those who don’t 


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