Can’t believe it’s been a week already since some of the awesome Fruci Fit women and coaches went to London for the fitness event, Hyrox.

Amazing to see everyone reap the rewards of the training they have done and – dare I say it – have some fun doing so.

Tears, laughter, smiles, groans and more…

But the really cool part?

Achieving things they never thought they could do with a ton of support.

I think Elaine summed it up amazingly well (see image)

Having a goal that gave their exercise habits and food habits purpose.

which for many?

Is a great way to kickstart your motivation. 

And I know what you might be thinking?

“I could never do that”

And I get it. 

They thought that too.

And to help with that?

Excited for our next FruciRox event in Devizes, where you can start where you are…

In fact, so many others are now inspired by this.

And to start with a FruciRox (one of our member events where you work at your pace and everything is coached and personalised for you so you can work at your pace)

^^ this is all included in our Summer Kickstart (reply with ‘Summer’ and I will get you the details) 

Can’t run? no problem. Walk it.

Can’t ‘do that much weight’? Work at your pace and we will adapt the weight.

Want to get a personal best and do the full Hyrox works and see what you can achieve? 

Great, let’s go for it! 

The only difference between others and you?

They just started before you..

And accepted..

they have to start at the start.

Here’s to the next one 🙂 

And once again, well done to everyone at Fruci Fit.

Here is a little video from the weekend:


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