alternatives for ice cream or Ice lollies?

“Any ideas for frozen yogurt ice lollies love ice cream so looking for an alternative?”

I know the hot weather doesn’t last long but sure it’ll be back 🤣

1) If you’re looking for alternatives with maximum nutrition? Give this raspberry “nice but not quite ice” cream recipe

2) If you’re looking for a “better “ choice if say, you hear those jingles from the ice cream van, ice lollies are generally quite low in calories. Maximum 100 calories an ice lolly with many less than that. 

I bought these watermelon ones yesterday but most ice lollies are around 25-100 calories so pretty good for when you want something sweet too. 

👍 take a while to have 


👍 low calorie 

👍 hit the sweet tooth

Of course, have the ice cream if you want one..

But if you’re looking for alternatives / compromises,

What’s your favourite / go to? 


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