diet or exercise (what’s best?)

So I had a question the other day about what’s the most important part:

Diet or exercise?

So I did a video on this (see link at the bottom)

But for a quick summary?

1 – diet will get the weight off faster than exercise 

 (because it is hard to get in a calorie deficit using just exercise alone…you would need to do a lot of exercise)

2- Exercise is critical in keeping the weight off – which is the point, right?

3- Exercise (especially resistance / muscle strengthening exercise) is key to changing your body shape

And fitting in to smaller clothes

4- Diet and exercise can both impact your:


Immune system

Glucose levels


Your body has more ‘space’ to store sugar, making your metabolism healthier

Which can be protective against disease, like Type 2 Diabetes 

And even cancer …

(and some of these benefits come REGARDLESS of weight loss)

But I get that you probably know this already

That they’re both pretty important

But still don’t do it.

So I thought I’d just share a few messages I got from some of the ladies recently who 

Probably describe the benefits better than me:


“I fully expected to be a little old sedentary lady at the mercy of arthritis 

And injuries limited by pain levels.

I am still limited but less pain and much more energy and flexibility.”


“she wanted me to go on medication, however I asked her to give me 

4 months and retested.

Expected normal range is 26-41 (blood sugar levels)

My test was 23

Below the normal range and I’m not diabetic for the moment.

Thanks for your support and encouragement and giving ideas on low carb foods and the results prove it can be done”


“Good to be back after holiday. Have lost 1 stone 6lbs in 6 weeks so v pleased”

Nothing really to add from me (for once)

Apart from

That our 5-Week Flexi Shift programme for August starts from TODAY 

(Flexible start date in August) 

So if you need help 

Know what to do but keep putting it off?

Then reply with ‘August’ and I’ll send over the details for you.

This programme is specifically for ladies 40+ 

Matt ‘excited’ Fruci

PS. If you didn’t know, 

Our programmes only open up once per month 

So reply with August if you want the details.

PPS. Here’s the video I did to answer the question of what’s best:

Exercise or diet?


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