Dieting lessons from my Nonna

It was the first of many Christmas parties / social gatherings for me 

And I noticed that it was being held near where my Nonna lives

^^^ 2 birds with 1 stone, I thought.

I’ll park at my Nonnas

And pop in for a a quick espresso, lasagna, spag bowl, pizza, chicken breast fried in breadcrumbs, and panettone 

^^^ I don’t forget your sorbet…because otherwise you get ‘full up of windy’, as she says 😉

So I phoned my Nonna to warn her of my impending arrival 

“hello Nonna, I’m on my way to see you”

To which all I can hear back is:

“Hellooooo, Helloooo. Matthew. What do you want? What’s happened? I can’t hear you”

My phone then cuts out (I look forward to the day where 3G comes to North Swindon…)

And Nonna is now…panicking.

So, I drive 2 minutes away and stop in a car park where I get signal

and just 2 MINUTES LATER

I’ve got missed calls from my dad

And voicemails popping up left, right and centre

Nonna was spreading the news that the pregnant wife was probably in labour to the family…

^^^ Thanks 3G, thanks. 

I get to my Nonna’s to clarify that my phone had no signal…

My wife was not in labour.

My point?

Well, Nonna jumped to conclusions. 

Put 2 and 2 together.

And it’s exactly the same thing that I see with members on my body transformation programmes during our strategy meetings

You jump to the conclusion that once you lose 5, 10, 20, 30 or even 50 lbs…

You’ll be happy.

And I’m here to tell you that this isn’t necessarily the case.

You see, as you achieve your goals…

Lose weight

Get more energy

And feel more confident in your favourite clothes

You start to build momentum

Set new goals…

And you want more

^^^ It’s human nature to want to progress

Which is exactly why – in my honest opinion – the number 1 thing that will dictate whether you can ditch the love handles and keep the weight off once and for all…

Is whether you ENJOY the PROCESS


Have a bit of fun (dare I say that word in the context of ‘dieting’)

Because if you can’t see yourself doing this in 3 months time…

How likely are you to stick to it?

I mean, it’s all well and good giving up chocolate for your New Years Resolution

But what happens on January 2nd when Waitrose are selling Easter Eggs?

You see, the ONE thing I can guarentee you is that the best way to lose weight, keep it off, and fit into your favourite clothes is to find the diet that fits your lifestyle


Because you’ll actually do it.

And without sounding like a broken talking Santa Clause in Tesco…

The best diet in the world…is the one you’ll do!

Which is exactly why I make things super simple for you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

No diet pills

No giving up chocolate

No giving up prosecco (or your Baileys…calm down!)

Just good old fashioned…food that both you and your family will eat

Proving that you CAN enjoy your food and win the fight against the bra doughnuts (as body transformation member, Billy, puts it!) with my ever transforming simple nutrition system

Matt ‘jumping to conclusions’ Fruci

​PS. I’ll be sharing Billy’s brownie recipe soon

PPS. If you missed Billy’s transformation update, go here: ​​

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