Berry Nice Cupcake Recipe

Don’t tell the wife…

About the absolute STATE

Of the kitchen after I was experimenting with this recipe:

Berry Nice Cupcakes!

^^^ You can see the mess by going here: 

Anyway, here’s the recipe…

Ingredients (serves 6):

* 12g chopped dark chocolate (75% and above…)

* 20g butter

* 40g ground almonds / almond flour (or coconut flour…this actually works better!)

* 50g of flavoured whey protein (vanilla or cookies and cream work well!)

* 100g mixed berries

* 60 g light or fat free cream cheese

* 80ml unsweetened almond milk

* 3-4 tbsp stevia (optional)

* Drop of coconut or vanilla flavouring (optional)


1) Whiz up the butter, milk, almond flour, 20g cream cheese, whey protein, 3 tbsp of stevia, and drop of flavouring 

2) Stir in a handful of berries and the chopped dark chocolate

3) Bake in a cupcake tray at 190C for 6 mins

4) For the frosting: Whisk up 40g of cream cheese with some berries

5) Pour the frosting on to each cupcake (chuck a cherry on top) and leave to set!


10g protein 

9g fat

4g carbs

That’s 137 calories…

Which is around the same as:

* A large banana

* 1/2 an avocado

* 1/2 a Mars bar

* 1/2 a Belvita snack pack…

Enjoy and let me know how you get on

Matt ‘Happy Monday’ Fruci

PS. Here’s how you make it step by step (don’t tell the wife about the mess…):

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