Dieting lessons from The Beatles (and Ted)

‘We’re not watching that chewing gum TV’

^^^ The father-in-law’s response to watching ‘Ted’ (have you seen it?)

And to be fair, you can’t blame him for saying it (even though I can recall many laughs…)

I mean, a film about a grown man who’s best friend is a bear?


‘thunder buddies* for life’

*someone who is always there for you throughout a thunder storm to keep you safe from danger


I think we can learn something from both today’s ‘chewing gum TV’ and the ‘golden’ generation…

Because it turns out that The Beatles were right all along with:

‘I get by with a little help from my friends’

A recent study I read showed that support from family and friends was a significant predictor of weight loss!

And just consider that by:

* Making yourself accountable (telling your friend, family member, daughter, Facebook, me…tweet Piers Morgan if you want to…just write it down)

* Involving family / friends so they join you / understand how you would like to do things with your weight loss

Can make you 176% more likely to do IT (don’t ask me how they came up with that figure…)

Be it making better-informed decisions about what you eat…

^^^ ‘my daughter took the runner beans out of my mouth’ was one message I got from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member this week

And / Or

Getting into good exercise habits so you feel fitter, make everyday tasks easier, and burn more calories.

^^^ another member messaged me about how their husband was getting involved in their daily exercise challenges…by boasting about how good they were at it…but it sure makes it competitive, right?

And this is exactly why I recommend doing these 3 things:

1) Get an exercise buddy (be it the other-half, friend, family member) 

Walk together (you can gossip about all the ‘chewing gum’ tv you’ve been watching, too) / workout together…when someone else is relying on YOU to be there, you’ll be more likely to do it!

2) Take charge in the kitchen –

Sneak in veggies (courguetti, cauliflower rice, swede mash, kidney bean brownies (whhhaaatttt, check them out a the bottom of the email) and get experimental with your meats, herbs and spices

3) Write it down –

What have you done well this week?

What have you not done this week?

You’ll start to learn WHY you’re not getting the results you keep saying you want (are you doing the work?)

OR why you ARE losing weight (so you can do more of that)

Which is exactly why you get a weekly, ever-adapting, Ultimate Progress Chart in my Fit For Life Body Transformation – 

So you can learn how you look and feel based on what you do and what you eat to lose fat and change your body shape using ever-lasting habits and skills that last a lifetime (so you don’t put it all back on again).

Matt ‘thunder buddy’ Fruci

PS. here’s that Bean Brownies recipe

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