Swapping White Bread For Brown Bread, Gelato Ice Cream, and Mowgli…

‘It’s not the wolf way’


‘It’s the Mowgli way”

^^^ A quote from Jungle Book (it was date night this weekend and we watched the remake…you seen it?)

And it reminded me about the ONE thing that so often holds you back with your weight loss…

Thinking that you HAVE to do something a certain way…even if it isn’t working for you!

And it’s exactly why a big part of my philosophy is actually helping you to UNLEARN a lot of the merely accepted ‘thoughts’ and ‘assumptions’ about diet and weight loss.

That fat is ‘bad’


Carbs are the ‘devil’

Because here’s the thing…

Some members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme do very well on higher carb and lower fat diets

Just like other members do very well on higher fat and lower carb diets. 

Now, is a higher fat diet the conventional way?

Far from.

^^^ Last time I checked, turning up at a Fit For Life Body Transformation member’s house (Billy) at 8am on a Sunday morning prior to our coaching session with all of the healthy ingredients to mimic the Gelato she recently enjoyed in Italy (but in a way that will curb hunger and mean she can eat more) isn’t that conventional either…


But who cares, because if it works for YOU, stops you feeling hungry and deprived, and helps you stick to the diet so you lose weight once and for all, improve your overall health markers and feel more confident…

That’s all that matters to you, right?

But what about the cholesterol in fats? 

I explained more about this, saturated fat, and eggs recently (link at the bottom)

And – as I explain – in some cases you do need to unlearn things. 

Be critical

Challenge me (ask me questions)

Be open to change

Because nutrition isn’t black and white

It’s not about being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ with this stuff. 

It’s a bit like saying that the Italians are wrong for using different plug sockets to France…

Or that basically everyone in the world is WRONG for driving on the ‘right side of the road’…

The fact is, we’re biased because we’ve always done it that way. 

You assume (because we’re told so many times) that swapping white bread for brown bread will help you lose weight (regardless of what the science actually says)

We’re scared of using a bit of butter, having a few eggs, and some blue top milk (but happy to eat the chocolate fudge brownie in Starbucks and a family size packet of Doritios…)

I read the other day that a lower carb diet should be avoided because it means you’re more likely to eat higher fat foods like cakes and pastries????

^^^ Please tell me why? Cakes and pastries also contain carbs AKA sugar (so is this really a lower carb diet?)

The fact is…

We’re all different.

And how you respond to different types and amounts of foods can depend on:

* Genetics

* Your dieting history

* Your menstrual cycle

* Hormonal health 

* Your current weight

* Your exercise habits

* Food intolerances / allergies

* Stress / sleep / home / work life

So, my advice to you?

Unlearn, experiment, learn and understand that what works for you may be different to what worked for someone else.

But the only way you’ll find out is by actually DOING IT

Speak soon,

Matt ‘questioning the law of the jungle’ Fruci

PS. Here’s the link to the cholesterol stuff: https://frucifit.com/4-foods-lower-cholesterol/

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