Hidden Sugar, Gary Lineker, and The Great British Bake Off

I was told yesterday that 50% of ‘hidden’ sugars aren’t from your fizzy drinks


They’re actually from everyday ‘healthy’ products, like breads, cereals (Dr Kelloggs), and dressings.

What can we learn from this?

Well, demonising ONE type food or drink isn’t necessarily going to help you lose weight and develop a healthy relationship with food

I know, I know. It’s easy to blame that ONE thing…

It’s all Gary Linekers fault (and his HUGE salary) that the Great British Bake Off is being sold off…

^^^ Prince William has assured us all that the programme will be ‘just as good’ on Channel 4 (Cheers, Will)

And it’s all David Cameron’s fault that the wording of the sugar tax allows for the big companies to spread the costs how they like

^^^ Meaning that they COULD increase the price of their bottled water and diet drinks to account for the tax (so nothing actually changes)

But, here’s the thing:

It’s up to me and you to take responsibility for our actions (as I touched on yesterday here)

You can’t control these ‘loopholes’ that allows “I’m lovin’ it” to be in your ears every day

You can’t control the fact that the biggest sporting event in the world is being fuelled by

*‘sugary’ cereals that provide you with a #GreatStart


* ‘sugary’ energy drinks labelled as ‘better than water’ to 10-year olds playing as Ronaldo on the Playstation

But what we do know – thanks to an awesome study (among others) done over 20 years…

Is that receiving education and taking action on the following:

* Moving more (aka exercise)

* Increasing your veggies!

* Aiming to lose weight through making better-informed decisions about your food choices

Can decrease your risk of diabetes by 43% even 14 years after STOPPING the programme you’re following!

Which just goes to show the power of EDUCATION on a well-formulated programme that sets you up with the right habits that you can stick to!

Learning about how different types and amounts of foods make you look and feel.

Understanding WHY you’re losing weight (or not losing weight)..so you can ADAPT your programme to suit YOU!

Seeing what types of exercises you enjoy so that you can make everyday tasks, like climbing stairs and playing with your kids / grandchildren, easier


Most importantly, having the knowledge and capabilities to do the DO!

Speak soon,


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