It costs them £60 million a year…

So they say that 22 hours without sleep

Is the equivalent to being drunk in terms of how it impacts your ability to think straight and react.

And if you can't think properly.

Make informed decisions.

Are reactive to your day...

Guess what?

You're more likely to make decisions that will take you further away from your goal (more on that tomorrow)

With studies suggesting that sleep deprivation is linked with:

* Decreased cognitive ability so you are more likely to make poorer food choices and less likely to exercise

* Decreased recovery so you are more likely to pick up injuries (one study showed sleeping less than 8 hours per night meant you were 1.7 times more likely to pick up an injury)

* Higher rates of common illnesses, like colds

* Higher risk of being overweight and carrying unwanted body fat, perhaps due to your hunger hormones and ability to handle sugar and food

It's no wonder that a Sports Consultant in the NBA recently stated that a lack of recovery including sleep, is worth around £60 million a year

^^^ Which is now around $1.50 since the Brexit (I joke)

But Matt, I don't have time to get more sleep

I get it.

So here's a few tips to help you maximise your sleep and recovery to help you make better-informed, more intelligent decisions to get you leaner than ever before:

* Turning off electronic devices 1 hour before bed (or perhaps using this little trick I showed you last week)

* Winding down with a bath or a shower before bed (epsom baths are great for this)

* Avoiding caffeine after around 4 pm

* Not drinking too much fluids before bed

* Eating carbs in the evening

^^^ Yes, you did read that right. Carbs help release hormones which can relax you.

* Make sure your room is dark and cool

That's it from me today...


PS. Tomorrow I'll be telling you and SHOWING you exactly how to map out your journey to get leaner and more toned

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