Even I’m jealous of her plan…

630 am: Morning stroll in the countryside with friends

830 am: Breakfast

930 am - Grooming / pampering, perhaps a chill out on the patio

12:30 pm - Afternoon stroll

2 pm - An optional hydrotherapy pool session

5 - 7 pm - Main Meal is served

9 pm - Gentle evening stroll, biscuits, a kiss good night, and it's lights out in the suite

^^^ No, this isn't my holiday plan...

It's actually Dora's (my dog) holiday plan.

They even have diet rules for the dogs (they could call themselves the 'Detox Dieters' soon):

* NO beef or pork (beef is very rich and unsuitable for the majority of dogs, and pork is very hard for dogs to digest).

* NO wheat or wheat gluten

* NO dairy products or egg

* NO added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.(These are often the cause of chronic skin irritation and hyperactive behaviour).

Aside from the overly restrictive diet (which I definitely couldn't do)...

I'm a little bit jealous (especially of the hydrotherapy pool...although I do think that's extra).

And you could say:

'Why send a dog to such a nice place?'

^^^ and this is exactly what I used to say to my wife...

But if it means:

My wife isn't stressed about the dog...

And that the dog doesn't come back shaking, scared, crying...

and even refusing biscuits (yes, my wife's GREEDY labrador refused biscuits after going to a kennels nearby)

^^^ Yep, Millie (my wife's old labrador...RIP) arguably developed a negative relationship with food

Well, then (twice in 3 days) I'll have to admit that I was wrong and that it is worth it.

Because it's a bit like going on a weight loss journey without a plan

And it's why I encourage you to do a 90 Day Action Plan

^^^ which you can view for the next 7 days before it expires by CLICKING HERE to help you set goals to help get fitter and leaner and stop wasting more time

How does this help you

* You know exactly want to achieve / how you want to look and feel in 90 days time

* You identify why this matters to you

Do you want to feel more confident and sexy in your clothes?

You don't want to feel embarrassed at the school gates?

You want to be fitter so you have more energy to play with your kids and do more of the things you enjoy...(I have two clients gearing up for their first 5k)

Just a few "why's" given to me and their vital for when you feel like giving up...

* You understand what REALISTIC fat loss looks like

* You know exactly where you need to be in 30 days time to be on track

* You know exactly where you need to be in 30 days time to be on track

^^^ Do we need to reassess our goals?

Alter the plan? Make some tweaks to guarantee we get leaner? Choose a more powerful why?

* You identify exactly what you need to do to get what you want

* You identify the barrier and your FEARS that stop you so you can CRUSH them!

Because without a plan

You're simply guessing.

Overly restricting your favourite foods (yep, chocolate and wine)

Hoping it 'will work'

And that you'll have the willpower to stick to it...

So, CLICK HERE to watch the 90-Action Plan Video to help you on your journey to a leaner, fitter and more toned body.

Speak soon,


PS. The link to the 90-day action plan video will expire in 7 days

PPS. If you want to complete a 90-Day Action Plan to see if you are a good fit for the programme go here:


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