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Can you really ‘love’ exercise?

I’ve spoken before about how despite you often blaming yourself for not having the ‘willpower’ or ‘motivation’ to leave your house and go to a place you often resent to exercise…

it’s actually a very UNATURAL THING to do. When else would you leave CHOOSE to leave your house to do something you don’t enjoy…
Get changed in a sweaty gym. 

Get blasted by someone in lycra who knows nothing about your exercise history, lifestyle, or the fact it’s your first time there…

(they probably don’t even know your name)


You see, you’re not lazy, you’re just in line with 95% of other people out there who are thinking of

other stuff they would rather do in their spare time

Not to mention the never ending to do list of emails, washing, cooking, cleaning and other general domestic admin that has to be done…

I mean, even me – someone who is supposed to love exercise and be a preacher of this – find motivating myself HARD WORK sometimes

Especially with these cold, wintery mornings and dark evenings.

But you know what I do LOVE?

Having exercisED…AKA having done it

The feel good endorphins I have


taking time for me when my head isn’t thinking about the ‘to do’ list or any stresses I have…

And knowing that I am setting an example for my daughters about self care and improving my health so I can increase the chances of me living a high quality life…

But I get you know all of this…

that exercise is good for you, decreases you risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes etc…

So how can you actually ‘love’ it?

1) Find something you enjoy –

​​you see, I allocate a lot time for planning the sessions for the ladies, whether it’s Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Bingo, Roulette, Beat Dave (he’s our mascot)

​​simply because if it’s not fun and safe / adaptable for people with injuries / knee / hip issues etc? If they find themselves clock watching? Or thinking that ‘they can’t do it’?

They probably won’t keep it up for long enough..

for it become a healthy habit that will help them keep their results for good

(something the gyms and slimming clubs never really talk about)​​​​

So it was amazing to hear one of the ladies who’s just finished her free 7-day trial say this:

“I never thought I’d find a place where I actually feel comfortable exercising in. I always thought it’d just be one of those things I don’t like”

2) Don’t try to out exercise a bad diet – 

You see, exercise is merely the scarf on your snowman / icing on the cake.

You can start with just 5 minute workouts if needs be to help you build up and start enjoying it again… 

The last thing I want to do is make you feel so tired, sweaty and exhausted that you feel you need more sugary pick me ups to get you through the day…

3) Remember, even if you have done it before & it didn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail…again –

The mistake here is not using the right technique and muscles to help you shape your body how you want it to look. 

Obviously, not only does this mean you don’t get injured, but it will also mean that you get fitter, level up your energy and make every day tasks easier. 

Again, this is something I am big on in our Fit For Life Programme (hence why you just simply follow me doing the workouts with you in person and / or online) 

The last thing you want to do is start a new diet and fitness programme and get injured.

​​It’s why Phase 1 of our Fit For Life meets you where you’re at so you build confidence, start burning fat and getting fit without jumping straight in at the deep end.

​As Naomi mentioned last week:

“I am also really enjoying the exercise. That is something I never thought I’d say”​​

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