Message from Rebecca

Chances are, you’ve ended up reading my emails after downloading one of recipe books, my Shift book, or applying for a free trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme on Facebook.

But one of the themes that pops up
(with regularity)

Is the ‘helpful’ comments on Facebook posts…

usually from skeptical people (as they should be…this industry is full of nonsense)

Things like “just eat less and move more”

“I’ve had a personal trainer before”

“why is this different?”​​

So I thought I’d share Rebecca’s story today from last week, who worked with me for the past 3 months to help answer this one:

“It has certainly transformed me both by helping me lose weight and toning up my body as well as giving me an appetite to stay fit and focused. 
I knew I was overweight but considered myself reasonably fit, until I joined the workout sessions and discovered just how weak by upper body and core strength was.
The sessions are great fun (not something you expect) with the other ladies both supportive and competetive in a light hearted way. 
With a one to one personalised programme set up at the start with goals set, the meal planning using Matt’s program that  offers lots of suggestions. 
Matt’s prompts on Messenger to drink plenty of water and exercise and well as responding to queries and offering help whenever you need it really helps to keep things on track. 
His 3Fs – Fitness, Food and Focus are points I know I stay with me.”

You see, I get that you know what to do…

Which is why I focus on 3 things in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

Phase 1: Shift It (Included in the FREE 7-day trial)

We go over what you want. Where you want to be. How you want to look and feel. 

And go over EXACTLY what you need to do to get there so you have the clarity and plan to get started (whether you work with me or go it alone)

Phase 2: Shape It 

You start the plan and report back to me every week using your accountability manual …

We adapt things on a weekly basis to help you stay motivated and on track to do the things you know you need to do (when you would normally give up)

Phase 3: Sustain It

We go over your exit strategy (this is not Brexit lol) so you know EXACTLY what to do maintain what you have already achieved and make further progress..with your fitness, relationship with food and body shape. 

Simply because I give you the knowledge and tools so you know WHAT works for you and HOW (rather than having to rely on diet rules, points and supplements)

If you report back to me, ask questions, and do the work? 

You may get results like the ladies here


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