Can you choose where you lose fat from?

So I got this message from Julia last week

Well done, Julia. 

Fitter, stronger, better mobility, and fitting back into old clothes that were too tight.

But one thing I’ll briefly touch in is about what Julia said about her weight and waist not going down as “desired”

Because it’s not gone as desired YET…

You see, Julia is still lighter and slimmer around the waist

Plus has obviously lost body fat in other areas to fit into her jacket and boots

Showing how you can’t choose where you’ll lose fat fastest (but what you can do is target certain areas with exercise to make them look more defined and “toned”)

Which is just a reminder for you NOT to let 

One number on a scale make you stop! 

As you may end missing out on all of these benefits 

Such as…

Getting fitter, stronger, improved mobility, and fitting back into old clothes that were too tight.

Oh, and not to mention probably the most important one, as Julia puts it:

“I feel so much better”

Because how you feel impacts what you DO >>> which dictates whether you get the results you want.

That’s why we concentrate on 3 areas  in our programme:

✅ Food – a personalised nutrition plan fit for your lifestyle 

✅ Fitness – being better than you were yesterday. We give you access to short 5 minute workout you can do at home PLUS up to 3 workouts with me every week

✅ Focus – prioritising you and doing something that makes you feel good everyday. As we know that comfort / stress eating is one of the main reasons we fail to stick to anything 

Oh, and I nearly forgot the most important part:

✅ ‘Big Brother’ Accountability check-ins and support from me (quite literally 24/7…the ladies even joke I pop up in their head when they least expect it) to help you do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want 

If you want to know more about our brand new 4 week programme opening up from next week 

for 8 ladies who want to put the healthy habits in place and get started again to get fit, feel better and fit back into old clothes 

Like Julia did. 

Just reply with the subject line “4 week” and I’ll get you the details


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you think differently, get motivated, take control of your eating and exercise habits, and stop relying on ‘willpower’: 

1- Get a copy of my new book, Shift: Simple Guide Helping Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back  where I’ll show you how to get AND STAY motivated and lose weight


Or grab a hard copy of my book on Amazon HERE

2 – Join Our Signature 4-Week Kickstart Coaching Programme For Ladies 40+

This month, I’m opening up the opportunity to work with us inside of our ladies only coaching programme 4-Week programme, designed for women aged 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits. 

If you’d like to be coached by me on our ladies only programmes? Just email me at with the subject line ’4 Week’  

3- Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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