Alcohol and losing weight

It’s a question I get a lot.
So I decided to do a quick 2 minute video on it for you above
But if you’re super busy
And just want the lowdown on this
Here’s a summary:
Alcohol contains calories
(7 calories a gram, in fact. Compared to 9 calories in a gram of fat and 4 calories in a gram of protein and carbs).
Which means that if you have alcohol?
It could reduce your chances of fat loss by making it harder to create a calorie deficit
But you could just cut back a bit somewhere else
To allow for a few drinks 🍷🍷
After all, a glass of wine is only about 150 calories or so…
So who am I to say you can’t have a few drinks?

Especially if you could make some changes elsewhere
Or you’re happy with your results…
One thing to consider?
What happens after you drink…
If you’re like me?
You get a bit peckish.
The snacks might come out
You just end up eating more
You might also not sleep so well
And what happens if you’re tired ? Lacking sleep?
Well, you might eat more
Throw the menstrual cycle in there
Perhaps perimenopause
Hot flushes?
And all of a sudden, you’re tired and needing more energy
Making the sugar quick fix an easy option…
But it’s not all doom and gloom..
You see, you’ve got to consider what makes you happy.
1. losing 1/2 a lb a week (2-3 stone a year) whilst enjoying your favourite foods and 🍷
2. Perhaps losing 1-2lbs a week but giving up the foods you love and making it a chore
Of course, there has to be some compromise
But I just want you to consider what really makes you happy?
Is there a huge rush with this “weight loss” stuff?
What if you just aimed to get fitter?
Create better habits over time?
Without it being this time- consuming chore?
Would it be easier to stick to?
Anyway, best go.
That was a bit of tangent in the end
Matt “loves a tangent” Fruci

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