No willpower of motivation? What to do about it

What I am really enjoying lately

Is having a little plate of cheese before bed..

As I did last night after me and Mrs Fruci got back from a baby free date night…

Now to some people?

the snacking on cheese at night would be ‘bad’…a trigger to binge eat?

to others?

it’s a high protein, high calcium, super tasty, filling snack…

So who’s right?

Well, neither of us…

But what I want to get to the bottom of day today is exactly how your beliefs shape your so-called:

lack of willpower or motivation…

this is why one of the things we go through FIRST inside our 4 Week Kickstart

are your beliefs.

Which are thoughts you have given SOOOO much attention to that you now believe them to be true & is dominating your behaviour…

I mean, you only have to look at some of the crimes and murders out there to see just how powerful beliefs can be in framing what someone does..

Scary, right?

Luckily, we’re just talking about your belief that you ‘lack willpower’ and “motivation” to do the things you probably know you need to do.

But you see, unless you question these thoughts

This powerful little belief will get stronger and stronger

And the more you think about this belief as it is, without questioning it?

The more you’ll define yourself (like it’s in your DNA) as the person with no willpower.

Which is where it gets messy. Very messy

As you start to combine feelings with thoughts and it becomes an experience in your mind.

A bit like what happened to me with my fear of public speaking.

I’d DECIDED that I was going to be nervous.

I’d already imagined myself going red in the face, shaking, nervous…

So guess what would happen?

Until, of course, I started to question my beliefs.

By simply asking this question:



If you say:

“I have no willpower”

Ask yourself:

“What does this mean?”

Answer I might get might be ‘I just can’t stop eating sugar’, ‘I can’t motivate myself to do it” etc.

But when I ask the question back:

Is it 100% true you can’t stop eating sugar?

or that you have no motivation?

After all, you wouldn’t be reading this if you had no motivation, right?

This is exactly why I did a whole training on this motivation and willpower stuff in a live seminar for the ladies our programme and went over it again in our live Question and Answer session on Thursday evening.

So it becomes clear on how you can create motivation and willpower and stop “falling off the bandwagon”

Matt ‘have a GRATE day 🧀’ Fruci

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

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