Pear Cider In The Bath?

So something I’m pretty big on

Is being there for baby bath time..

We play loud music (often baby shark or Moves Like Jagger haha)

Dance around


Sometimes have tears

But most of the time

It’s all good fun and laughing…

Special moments..

But the other evening

I was in a bit of rush as we had dinner late (late now being 530pm haha)

As I needed to get ready for our evening session.

So I said to my 2-year old daughter after we finished off our dinner:

“Right, bath time!”

And off we went..

But then she turned around asked for a pear…

And my initial thought was

“A pear? In the bath?”


Or is it?

I mean, I remember getting ready for a night out at university…

Having a beer in the shower.

A pear cider in the bath…

(as you do)

But what this did is remind me to question my own beliefs about what I define

As ‘normal’…

Which might be holding me back.

Because the more you question “your Normal” vs what’s “natural”

The easier time you’ll have challenging bad habits / beating yourself up for setbacks / and most importantly …

understanding exactly where you went wrong..

You know…

Like, it might be “normal” BUT NOT NATURAL to:

 Define your self-worth by the opinion of others

 Define your progress by the scales

 Seek a magic supplement when you get a bit ill or injured (forgetting that time is usually the healer…)

 dip a rich tea biscuit in a cuppa

 eat as little as possible in the hope of weight loss

 think you need to be dripping with sweat to see progress

(in fact…I’d say that if you focus on getting results with the minimum amount “stress” in time and energy…you’ll probably stick to it long enough to see the results you want AKA time is the secret)

 beat yourself up for not being perfect

 moan about slow WiFi in Caffè Nero and a lack of gluten free options on the menu at the Italian

 be stressed about the weather, roadworks and Brexit (making the things we can control: exercise, how we feel, what we eat, how we treat loved ones, what we do, say..take more effort)

 expect fat loss to be linear..progress in anything isn’t linear…

Just remember that “normal” is not always “natural”…

So if there’s something holding you back..

Stopping you from progressing?

Ask yourself:

Am I believing something that I define as “normal” but isn’t “natural” or even real?

Matt ‘fancy a cider?’ Fruci

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