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“it turned my life around”

 “it turned my life around”

To this message from Emma last week on Facebook.

Emma joined in March this year.

After a partial knee replacement due to osteoarthritis.

Emma wanted to do something different that fit her lifestyle,

Where she could balance work and life togetehr.

Well done, Emma! 

It would have been easy to put it off.

I get it.

You know, say I’ll wait for the perfect time.

Emma decided to take action .

Here’s what she said (see image)

If you want to join Emma on our next Kickstart. 

Just message me with “Kickstart” and I’ll get you the details.


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Hormones and fat loss ?

Hormones and fat loss ?

Getting up in the night…

Bath time…

“I had it first”

Being ‘responsible’ for another human being…

^^^ having kids has presented me with some of the most amazing challenges…

And I am forever grateful for this…

But it is no secret that with this comes extra time and responsibility …

Time and responsibility, I never had in my early 20s when studying at University.

It’s funny, I always used to think I was busy and ‘getting older fast’

But then 10 years on…

I feel like I’m no older…

And I am actually grateful for the challenges and problems I have today.

In fact, I would have done anything to have the challenges that I get to face today…


And speaking of ageing and challenges…

Something that comes up a lot in one to ones with some of the ladies just starting their 28 Day Kickstart

Is how they have put on more weight as they have got older..

“It must be an age thing?”

There was a recent study just out from Warwick University 

All about how age impacts your ability to lose weight.

One of the main the reasons they did this is because fat loss can help with 50 comorbidities 

Including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of Type 2 Diabetes, depressions …I could go on…

So what did they find?

Well, they found that when given sufficient support 

Whether you are below 60 or over 60…

It made no difference to the amount of weight people lost

The younger group (below 60) lost 6.9%   

And the older group (above 60) lost 7.3% 

So what does this mean?

Well, hormonal changes 100% make it harder to lose weight ..

Perhaps not directly 

But indirectly 

Through perhaps lack of sleep (be it due to hot flushes, medications, kids, worrying about what time the kids will be back 😂 )

Which can then result in your pre frontal cortex downregulating 

and you then perceive foods as more rewarding than they actually are…

Seek out a sugary pick me up to get through the day ..

And the cycle continues.

We know what to do..

But feel frustrated that we don’t do it.

I get it. 

The exciting part?

There are 100s of things everyday 

That we already do that can increase your energy.

And your energy will dictate what you do, 

What you do will dictate your results.

I go through a few things you can action in this video here

But my point in all of this?

there is no best time to start..

In fact, my brother in law researches protein and muscle

And will always say this.

They see people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s put on muscle and get stronger..

Which can all improve wellbeing, reduce risk of falls and fractures, improve independence and quality of life.

One of the ladies actually said to me last week

How she was motivated by seeing her mum in a care home..

And doesn’t want to end up like that..

Now, of course, as we age 

It may feel harder..


Well, as I mentioned at the start

And as many of the ladies tell me..

Hormones and we simply become responsible for more people and things as we age..

Which CAN mean the time we have has reduced.

I mean gone are the days I would spend hours in a gym..

I now fit it in during the day.

^^^ In fact, I have literally, as I write this, just stopped to do a 1 minute set of exercise (it is also something I preach inside our 28 Day Kickstart to help improve blood sugar levels and protect your energy << which just so happens to help you control your stress)

But also, many of the ladies tell me that they have gone from kids moving out to now being carers for their parents. 

Making it again 

Difficult to find time for them.

I get it

It’s hard.

And it is why we do these short, manageable steps.

But remember… 

As uncomfortable as these problems / challenges are…

Is it uncomfortable anyway?


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“I’ve no time to plan meals”

“What time did you go to bed?”

“Do you eat breakfast?”

“Did you drink water?”

“Did you have a coffee before?”

“Have you practiced in front of the mirror?”

“Have you practiced?”

^^^ these were all things I came across when researching how to overcome nerves of public speaking 

Funny thing,

Is I was there expecting some big thing I’d have to do .

When in reality 

It was stuff I already knew but wasn’t doing.

The scary part?

They were all things I could do today. 

I couldn’t put it off…

Any longer 😧 

One of the hardest things to do is 

To get started. 

Mainly because it’s difficult to know where to start.

It’s the same when it comes to fitting back into our favourite clothes, getting fit and back into a “routine” as we say.

You think you have to 

🤔 plan all your meals 

🤔 cut carbs 

🤔 exercise for an hour 

🤔 drink smoothies 

And sure.

All of the above CAN work. 

But only if you’re ready…

Like the psychological  Dr Peterson says :

“Start where you can start”

With the things you already do everyday…

Like the time you go to bed.

What you have for breakfast.

What you have in your fridge..

All seemingly insignificant things..

Because you do them already …

100s of things you do everyday…

Where you could get 1% better.

And create marginal gains…

what if these were the things that would significantly transform your health, body and fitness?

Because imagine if you change 50 of these tiny decisions

Over a few months?

That’s a significant transformation  🚀🚀

And to think most people won’t even bother changing them?

Waiting for the perfect moment when it’s the Turner time to start…

Imagine if these ladies would have waited here:


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My #1 way to increase confidence

 My #1 way to increase confidence 

I’ve spoken many times before about how I’ve struggled with my confidence over the years. 

From public speaking

 to dealing with comments like

 “what do you know you’re only 20” when I first did a video 😂 

^^ and you know what? At the time I even thought that maybe they were right? I should wait..

Yet, the truth is

I’d have been even more nervous to get started by putting it off.

It’s amazing how good we are as human beings 

To focus on how we don’t want to feel.

And I can’t tell you the number of times 

I’ve had messages from the ladies in our Fruci Fit community saying that 

They lack confidence. 

And want to feel like themselves again.

And I get it.

But 9/10?

It’s because we are putting our confidence,

Energy and happiness in the hands of someone else.

Hear me out.

I was in Cornwall last week..

And the number of times I checked the weather was insane!!

Imagine if I decided whether I was happy or not 

by the weather in Cornwall ?

^^ where one minute you’re looking for your umbrella and the next you’re sunburnt 😂 

It’s a bit like what we do everyday..

We “hope” it’ll be a good day.

Thing is, if we don’t set the rules,

How are we supposed to know how to play the game.

So here’s a quick way to increase your confidence that I use:

Grab a pen and some paper (it works better rhat way)

Write down:

“I feel confident when….”

Then write your list.

Here’s mine:

  1. I focus on compliments (rather than all of the negatives)
  2. I write down and read the best part of my day from the day before 
  3. I’ve worked out 
  4. I’ve got to bed by 945pm (yep, when I’m tired I’m less confident)
  5. I’ve planned my meals and day (less to chance or think about so more energetic😃
  6. Speaking of more energy, this allows me to serve people better, be it family, our amazing members, friends, which then makes me feel good

You see,

Now I can grab confidence whenever I like 

Whether it’s sunny or raining….

Which makes me happier .

And – of course- happiness is different .

But you can do it for happiness and energy too. 

It depends how you want to feel. 

It’s not easy.

It takes training.

But the results?

happiness isn’t dependent on an outcome 

But rather it’s in the process

Which will probably mean you stop stopping 

Matt “weatherman” Fruci

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[video] “I no longer crave sugar”

Meet Lesley👋   

Lesley joined Fruci Fit because it got to the time where she knew she needed to do something.

Lesley did have fears about attending her first session. She got through it and has now lost 10kg, can almost touch the floor when she bends over, sleeping better, skin is better, and no longer craves sugar.

Well done,  Lesley 👏

It’s awesome to have you part of the Fruci Fit Community

Watch her story below…




PS. Whenever you’re ready, here are 5 ways we can help you:

1- I’ve put together over 200 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..

ALL for free…

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2 – Join Our Signature Kickstart Programme For Wiltshire Ladies 40+ 

The Kickstart can be done from home or with us in our private ladies only studios in Marlborough and Devizes, designed for ladies 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits.  

If you’d like more details on this? Complete this short application here

3- Join Couples Kickstart for 2 people. Specifically designed for couples or two friends who want to work together to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits. 

Reply with “couples kickstart” for more info

4- Watch How Cathy, 54, From Wiltshire lost 2.5 stone, got fitter, and now feels comfortable to exercise in a non-intimidating environment >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

5- Join our FREE Facebook group where I share meal plans, workouts and tips and tricks to get and stay in shape (specifically for ladies 40+ in the local area):

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What did you score?

What did you score?

It’s seen as one of the best indicators of 


Like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

That is the waist to hip ratio.

Do you know yours?

If not, try this.

Step 1: measure your waist circumference

Grab your tape measure 

(Don’t suck in, just relax)

Preferably first thing In the morning after the loo and before eating.

Circle around from the top of your belly button.

Do it 2-3 times to get an accurate measure 

Eg 34”

Step 2: What’s your hip circumference?

This is the widest part of your bum. 

Measure 2-3 times again 


Your waist to hip ratio is just your waist / hip 

Eg 34 waist / 37 hips = 0.91

According to the World Health Organisation..

Anything above 0.85 for women is considered a health risk.

If higher than 1, then the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes is much higher.

The good news?

Is quite simple to sort out…

And it’s something we specialise in.

Working with Wiltshire ladies 40+ 

We combine the right level of workouts for you (even if you have a joint or health issue)

With the right nutrition habits 

To change your body shape. 

And get you the Awesome byproducts that often come with it

Like more energy, fitting your clothes better and improved sleep. 

But the secret?

Is doing it.

We keep you accountable so you do the things you know you need to do…

So if you have given this little 2 minute exercise a go and want a step by step plan to help with this?

Message me with “Kickstart” and I’ll get you the details …

And maybe you’re be joining Alison and co 🚀


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 “are we there yet?”

“Are we there yet?”

“Are we there yet?”

My kids are reaching that age 


  1. they’re picking up on everything I say 👀 and do (wow does accountability work)
  2. They ask “are we there yet?” 😂 

So when heading off for our holiday last week in Cornwall 

And we hit traffic and which turned a 3 hour journey to about 6 hours…

It was very easy to just get frustrated and pi553d off…

We start moving in the car

And then ..

More traffic jams.

Throw on top the radio and hearing the news on repeat 10 times

And I could actually feel myself wasting quite a bit of energy on this 

(needed a wee too. Which I couldn’t really say as i didn’t want to set off the 2 and 4 year old in the back who you’d expect to be the ones saying they needed a wee 😂)


I’ve got 2 choices in this situation:

  1. Complain / argue with reality 
  2. Learn to love it and practice gratitude 

On the topic of number 2) 

It made me realise that I could write a blog 

I could spend more time with kids (which we did by putting on some Moana and the latest Ibiza tracks to get the party started).

And what a difference to the mood and energy in the car.

It made me think:

Can it be that simple to change the way you feel? 

And it’s the same when it comes to your weight loss..

We get frustrated when we go “off track”

Which I get.

But half the time we don’t even know what the “track” looks like..

And what if going “off track” was part of the plan to help you realise just how amazing the feeling of being fit and healthy is?

I cant tell you how many times I’ve had a few drinks 

And gone “wow. I hate feeling like this”

And I learn to love the feeling of waking up full of energy 

And showing up 

Not just for my family 

But for you, the Fruci Fit community and anyone I come across who I couple positively influence

No matter how small.


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Low in energy? Try this

Low in energy? Try this 

It still amazes me

How much a question can change the way I feel.

So I thought I’d share it with you today..

For a quick Friday pick me up 🚀

As so often we just focus on the negatives..

So it’s no wonder we feel low in energy.

You see, your brain will always find what you tell it to find.

The best part about this?

You can steer it.

Through your environment

 (and who you surround yourself with <<< something that’s become so so important for our amazing members in the Fruci Fit Community)

And also through the questions you ask…

So take a minute:

  1. What was the best part of your week? (Even a rubbish week has a best part)
  2. What are you most excited about today?


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 Stiff and fed up? 

So I got this message from Sarah last week…

No longer stiff and fed up.

And at 72 in control again 

And has maintained her target weight for over 6 months 🚀🚀

Well done, Sarah.

If you’d like more info about our next Kickstart programme, just message me with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details


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Under pressure?

“There’s no pressure on us.

Pressure is something we can choose to put on ourselves. 

No one can put it on us”

^^^ read that again 

It was actually a quote from England manager Gareth Southgate..

And unless you’ve been living under a rock 

You’ll know that there’s a football game tonight..

Not just any game 

A chance to get to the final.

And I know that football gets a bad name sometimes ..

All the diving etc

But one thing that’s truly inspirational 

Is the fact these are just a group of youngsters

With the nation resting on their shoulders hoping  for their first major trophy 

Since 1966.

And it’s why I loved that quote 

That just like stress ..

We can choose how we perceive this.

Yes, challenges are inevitable 

And with that becomes problems, obstacles and …stress and pressure .

Which usually results in us 

Falling back to our highest level of training..

Be it with our mindset, stress management 

Or physical health. 

And of course 

“Bad” things can happen in life.

But what I love about the quote above

Is that just like I learnt from studying Byron Katie’s work…

No one can put pressure on you

Just like no one can make you feel “sad”…

It’s usually coming from a disconnect between your expectations and reality…

And once I understood this ?

(And I’m still learning now )

It’s helped me understand stress / pressure. A lot differently 

And actually use it to get even better results …

Because after most stressful events

Comes a big breakthrough 

That makes us stronger.

I can go back to many times in my life..

From handling grief

To overcoming an eating disorder 

To overcoming public speaking 

To rejecting a full time job to go back to university to further my studying in nutrition …

These were all challenging 


Lots of pressure

But without the above?

I wouldn’t be where I am now..


Let’s hope England get to the final 🚀