message from Sarah

Got this message from Sarah last week (see image)  And the best part: “But I never thought I would be able to do that! Still a bit stunned” But the sad part? (as ever positive has a negative and every negative has a positive) Most people will read this and still think  ‘But I will …

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It’s OK to feel demotivated..

this isn’t some April fools thing… It’s probably the most common thing I get from ladies who ask about our 28 Day Kickstart Programme: Beating themselves up for feeling “demotivated”… Losing their mojo… almost like no one else ever loses motivation.. Which we all know is total rubbish… I mean, I’m meant to love this …

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Cravings? Try this..

Someone asked me the other day about the cravings guide I did last year: How to eliminate cravings (without giving up your favourite foods or social life) They said it really helped them  ⏩ Here’s What’s included Inside: ✅ A simple tactic to rely less on willpower (that we use inside our Kickstart Programme) ✅ …

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