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Don’t watch this on Netflix..

Don’t watch this on Netflix..

As it’s Bank Holiday weekend.

You might have a bit more time than normal to 

Watch a bit of Netflix (others are available) ..

And I was chatting to a few of the ladies last week

Who said their friends 

Made them watch Seaspiracy 

And said to also watch Cowspiracy & Game Changers…

And asked for my thoughts on them..

Now, here’s my main issue..

All of the documentaries are there to be ENTERTAINING..

To grip you 

To make you want to watch more.

The problem with this?

It would be boring if they gave you a balanced argument…

It’s much more entertaining to shock you

And present only what they want you to see…

To surprise you.

I mean, if they get a researcher say 

‘Yes but you have to consider that the research that says fishing isn’t sustainable and oceans will be empty by 2048 is now outdated and is not true”

It gets a bit less entertaining.

Now, it DOES bring up issues that need to be addressed..

But just like what happens in the health and fitness industry with diets…

They all become very ‘my way or the high way’…

‘This is the best’

Almost becomes a food fight…

It’s actually the same with most documentaries..

Whether they tell you to eat meat only

Or be vegan ..

They are there for infotainment …

Maybe some of what they say has SOME truth..

But when you really go into the research we know a lot less than we think…

And a research paper can easily be manipulated..

I could get a ‘plant based’ diet study to show you people reduced their risk of heart disease

So you should go vegan..

But you look at the study 

And they defined plant based as a mediterranean diet

Which actually included fish, meat, beans and legumes, lots of veg and fruit..

I could do on..

One researcher actually came out after the Game Changers documentary

Jokingly complaining about how his whole life of research into beetroot has been completely taken out of context…

It’s no wonder we are more confused than ever.

Truth is

There is no secret..

There is no one ‘hack’..

What we do know

Is that being consistent with small, sometimes seemingly insignificant habits,

Add up to big results.

Just like Cathy and co have found here: 

If you’d like to join us on our next Kickstart programme specifically for Ladies 40+ and 50+

In and around the Marlborough and Devizes areas.

Just send over a message and I will get you the details. 


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What happened to Cathy…

Meet Cathy 👋

From Wiltshire (Burbage).

Cathy, 54, joined Fruci Fit to find somewhere she felt comfortable so she could get fit, lose weight and tone up (especially the arms).

Cathy had tried all the usual stuff before but kept giving up when life got in the way.

Since working with us, Cathy has lost 2.5 stone, can now put weight through her shoulders and arms (which was a struggle before), is so much fitter, going from size 18 to size 14, and making great friends in the process.

Well done, Cathy 👏

Watch her story below…


Click here to WATCH ON YOUTUBE


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here are 4 ways we can help you:

1- I’ve put together over 200 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..

ALL for free…

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2 – Join Our Signature Kickstart Programme For Wiltshire Ladies 40+ 

The Kickstart can be done from home or with us in our private ladies only studios in Marlborough and Devizes, designed for ladies 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits.  

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3- Join Couples Kickstart for 2 people. Specifically designed for couples or two friends who want to work together to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits. 

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4- Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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I’m excited but nervous

“I’m nervous but excited

I’ve not exercised properly for a while”

I get this a lot.

I mean, most of the ladies have experiences of gyms 

That they would rather forget.


Thinking everyone is looking at them

20 year olds lifting weights 

Feeling intimidated. 

Or even

Not sure if they’ve got the confidence to go anymore 

I get it …

But we do things a lot differently to a commercial gym.

We are able to personalise everything for you

Whether you have a aches, pains, or join issues


If you haven’t exercised for a while

And not sure where to start / don’t have the motivation to do the things you know you need to do .

And I can say now

Everyone felt the same …

Had doubts whether the can do it.

Whether it’s the right time ..

The difference?

They did it 😃


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All or nothing?

All or nothing?

As everything begins to open up again

There is this sense of pressure we put on ourselves.

Gyms opening up


Social events

Meet ups..

There’s this pressure that we should just jump straight into it all..

Pick up exactly where we left off.

Have a plan

And 100% stick to the plan..

Thing is…

Yes, we will have to do things we don’t want to do at times

But at the same time..

If that’s happening every, single day?

Is it your expectations that are the problem?

Is that you think you have to be perfect?

Because the truth is?

You don’t have to be perfect..

Something is better than nothing…

Even if it is not part of the plan..

Even if it is not what you wanted to do..

Whether it is a home workout instead of a workout at the studio

A walk instead of a home workout

An extra glass of water.

Small habits add up.

And I say small.

But as they add up

They are actually BIG changes..

But that doesn’t have to be perfect..

And knowing this

Just might mean you carry on for long enough to see the results you want.

Who knows..

You might just surprise yourself

Matt ‘half assed is better than no assed’ Fruci

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5 nutrient deficiencies you could easily fix today…

5 nutrient deficiencies you could easily fix today…

I had a chat with one of the ladies in our Kickstart programme last week about this…

So thought I would share a summary with you today:

1) Omega 3 – 

Found in oily fish, like salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines, it’s associated with:

* A decreased risk of heart disease

* An increased ability to absorb and use protein (actually helps the issue of needing more protein as we age)

* Increased concentration and improved brain health 

* Healthier joints so you hear less ‘creaks’ 

* Improved gut health and a boosted immune system so you spend less time with the sniffles and more time doing what you want to do!

The ‘Fishing’ Line:

* Eat Oily Fish about 2-3 times per week (salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines)

* Consider supplementing with omega 3 (if you are vegan, then consider an algae supplement)

2) Magnesium

Muscle cramps…



Just a few symptoms of magnesium deficiency. 

1) Magnesium is the 2nd most common nutrient deficiency in first world countries (only behind vitamin D)

2) 1 in 7 of us deficient

3) A magnesium deficiency is associated with increased risk of DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, POOR SLEEP, ADHD, and DEPRESSION…

So, here’s a few ways you can get this mineral in your diet:

1) Greens – e.g. spinach, kale, chard, 

2) Seeds and nuts 

3) Beans – baked beans, pinto beans, kidney beans (great source of protein and fibre, too)

4) Fruits – Bananas and avocados 🙂

5) Chocolate – Dark chocolate, 70% and above…

* Have an Epsom salt bath (great before bed to relax you, too)

*consider Supplementing with magnesium (like magnesium citrate)

3) Vitamin B12 –

Did you know that your body cannot produce vitamin B12?

Nerves, your brain, and your blood cells – they all need it!

So, you have to get if from the food you eat. 

It mainly comes from animal products (although you can find it in algae and fermented soy…)

Actions for you:

* Drink your milk, eat your eggs, and enjoy your steak!

* make sure plant based milks are fortified / have vitamin B12 added in

*use nutritional yeast if vegan 

* Consider a B Vitamin supplement if you are low (the absorption of vitamin B is quite complex due to it requiring a protein…more on that another day!)

4) Vitamin D3 –

We simply don’t get enough of it (despite the so called “heatwave” we had) and as that’s become more apparent during the pandemic

It is important for our immune system.

I mean, even if it is sunny, you might be working, in quarantine, or just busy and miss the sun..

Or wearing sun cream..

In fact, even Australians are deficient in the “sunshine” vitamin <<< which is saying something!

So, it’s no wonder that Public Health are advising that you should supplement with it during the months of October – April 

^^^ Winter depression…we could be on to something, perhaps!

And I’d extend that to Summer months if you’re not outside in the sun much..

Actions for you:

* You can get some Vitamin D from oily fish and eggs (but not much)

* Consider supplementing with Vitamin D

5) Iron –

It’s a common deficiency in the world.

Also common if you’re menstruating or pregnant. 

It’s important in the make up of your red blood cells!

Now, there’s two types:

* Haem iron – which is very well absorbed and found mainly – again – in meats, particularly beef!

* Non – haem iron – Not easily absorbed but found in a load of animal foods and veggies / grains, such as lentils, nuts, and spinach

Actions for you:

* Consider whether you’re eating any red meat

* If you’re a vegetarian, here’s a quick and simple tip…

Pair non-haem iron with vitamin C and reduce tea and coffee consumption around the time when you eat non-haem sources of iron like lentils, nuts or spinach to increase the absorption of the iron!

Avoid tea and coffee around meal times (to increase absorption of non-haem iron

* Consider supplementing with iron..

Or depending on your overall diet, you could just choose to go with a comprehensive multivit..

Just be wary that a multivitamin often contains really small amounts of vitamin D…

There you have it.

And you don’t have to do it all today..

Our approach is about focussing on one habit at a time.

That way… 

You’re more likely to do it 

And when you do it?

That’s when you see the results…

And get messages like this from friends and family (see image)

Matt ‘5 a day’ Fruci

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Bad day? Remember this

Bad day? Remember this 

Funny how I’m defining “bad” day here.

As often how we describe what’s good or bad depends on where your attention is.

Where your attention is can depend on your environment..

For example, one of ladies mention to me yesterday that 

She feels more comfortable in her clothes, fitter, recovers quicker from everyday tasks and exercise, sleeps so much better…

Not to mention the stuff we can’t see or feel like bone density (unless you fall over of course and don’t break a bone)

Risk of disease 


But here’s the thing…

When she told someone what she was doing 

The first question was 

“How much weight have you lost?”

Isn’t that interesting?

How despite all of the above reasons 

The scales are often the first thing people ask about

And that’s fine .

I get it.

Our success in other programmes may have been all about the scales.

And they are still important  .

But one of many important variables 

From your waist and hips

To your energy 

Mental health 




I could go on..

I spoke more about it here


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“So glad I did”

“So glad I did”

It dawned on me the other day bust how much 

Quicker and easier it is.

No more pushchairs 

No carrying a potty 

No packing nappies..


We literally got out of the house in record time. 

It was so much quicker 

So much easier.

And of course ..

This won’t last forever..

They’ll be another problem

Another obstacle..

But that’s life

And actually the more challenges you face 

The more you grow 

The stronger you get ..

And I always remind myself that much of the stresses we face in life are blessings…

And when we are worried about something 

It’s often

Never as bad as it seems.

I can think back now.. 

To job interviews I was nervous about.

Public speaking

First day delivering education for an NHS diabetes education programme 

First time lecturing to students at Oxford Brookes 

First ever personal training session I did 

First ever day at University 

First day at school 


I could go on

My point is that the stress you have 

And worry you have now?

Will all be forgotten.. 

But don’t be hard on yourself 

Just acknowledge it..

And remind yourself

That you can do it!

Fear doesn’t mean you can’t do it 

Failure in the past 

Doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Today  is a new day! 

Like this message I got last week (see image)


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9 Ways to sleep better (9 might surprise you)

9 Ways to sleep better (9 might surprise you)

With everything in the world that has been going on

A lot of us – understandably – have / are experiencing feelings of anxiousness…

When / will things be back to normal?

Will it all go to plan?




But one thing that is – quite often – overlooked

^^ mainly because it isn’t such a sexy topic compared to superfoods, magic fat burning exercises and supplements

Is sleep..

Something that impacts your energy

Which as a result, it impacts:

→ Your perception of how ‘hard’ something feels

→ your ability to handle stress

→ Your hunger hormones (just one bad night of sleep and you could perceive foods to be more rewarding than they actually are)

→ relationships (“he keeps me up all night…….No, not for that…because he snores)

I could go on…

And unlike a lot of people selling some magical supplement…

I like to focus on the basics and getting to the bottom of these deep rooted problems.

You see, when I am talking to some of the ladies about their fitness, weight loss goals, or eating habits …

The topic of sleep will rarely come up unless I bring it up..

We all seem to want to talk about ‘bad’ carbs, breakfast, fasting, keto, free foods, and vegan diets…

Forgetting  about one thing that probably trumps all for your immune system, energy, recovery, mood, and maybe even weight loss given that it impacts your hunger…

That is…


And when I do bring it up..

People will often say things like:

‘I don’t sleep much but I am used to it”

Only to then mention how they are tired in the afternoons, fee; out of control snacking, are tired and hungry…


“I get to sleep OK but I wake up in the night”

I get it.

There is no one simple solution here.

I have two kids (4 and 2) and sometimes you literally just have to get on with life with little sleep.

^^ although I must say that me and Mrs Fruci are finally feeling ‘normal’ now the kids have got that bit older and sleep is back (for now…anyway)…Thank you Glow Clock.

But on the topic of sleep, it’s no secret that a lack of sleep and generally feeling tired can make those energy dips even worse..

Leading to a ‘perception’ that we need a boost through food (which isn’t actually always the case)

Leading to a ‘perception’ that those cakes and biscuits left around will give you a higher reward that they actually do. 

You only have to look at the link between insomnia and obesity to see this. 

And on that note, here are 9 things you can do that might help your sleep:

1) Energy flows where your attention goes – If you are watching something that stimulates you / angers you / frustrates you before bed e.g. the news  / politics ….your focus will be on that. And we all know, that an increased heart rate and stress is not great for sleep. 

Even if it’s just for 1 minute. Try 4 breaths in and 6 breaths out. If you notice your mind wonder? don’t worry. Just come back in and focus on counting your breaths. Struggle with this? Try the app, Headspace, even for 3 minutes. 

2) Drink a hot decaffeinated drink before bed – hot milk, camomile tea, peppermint tea. Cinnamon tea. This could even help with blood sugar level spikes in the night which could wake you up → perhaps it was due to comfort eating and drink in the evening

3) Don’t drink too much (wine included) before bed – Now, this might seem to contradict point 2, but if you find yourself up in the middle of the night at 323am needing a wee? This might help. Magnesium citrate MAY help with a weak bladder, too. (see your GP)

4) Eat CARBS with your evening meal – I know, I know. Completely against what you’ve heard in the past about it being stored as fat. But carbs may actually help you sleep (just remember that overall calories are king when it comes to weight loss…so perhaps save some carbs for later)

5) Avoid TV / phones / emails too close to bed – The blue light from screens can make your body think it’s day time and stop you producing the hormones that help wind you down for sleep and help you recover. EQUALLY, when you wake up get some sunlight ASAP, even if it is standing by the window with a glass of water and a coffee (don’t forget your dressing gown though, your neighbours will be in for a surprise otherwise)

6) Be Regular – go to bed and get up at the same time each day

7) Do some exercise – There’s no perfect time for it. Try getting some light in your day. A walk at lunch time. Park further away (in fact, daily movement that you do as part of your day is so underestimated in weight loss FULL STOP)

We know that sleep is so so important for recovery.

Exercise means your body needs to recover

So this can help with sleep.

8) Don’t binge before bed – I get that it’s hard. Could you do something that makes you feel good before bed? A bath? Read a book? A meditation?

9) Don’t check your phone when you wake up → this is probably the most simple yet effective tip to help your sleep if you struggle with waking up in the night. If you wake up in the night, DO NOT CHECK YOUR PHONE or the TIME. As what happens?

“Oh no, I need to sleep, I have to be up in an hour or I will be sooo tired. Go to sleep. Why can’t I sleep?”

And your heart rate shoots up

You are stressed


And frustrated…

If you take anything from this

Take point 9) 

And that..

Unfortunately, sleep is something that you just can’t get around. 

I’m an early bird so unless I get to bed early, I will always be up early and be irritable later in the day as a result.

So I have to set some rules about logging off of emails / social media or I’ll find myself scrolling in bed, struggling to get to sleep as my brain goes in to overdrive about new ideas and things I can add in to our Fit For Life Programme

Or worse?

I just start making up loads of worries. ​​​​That when I dig deeper, are totally made up by me and do not even exist. 

After all, it is rarely ‘the thing’ that causes you to stress, but rather your thoughts about ‘the thing’ AKA you make it scarier than it actually is with your imaginative brain.

Matt ‘sleeping beauty’ Fruci

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What happened to Maggy…

Got this message from Maggy last week (see image)


26 inches gone

Down a dress size

Maintaining weight loss and her new shape…

And feeling so much better in herself with more confidence.

Well done, Maggy.

If you’d like to join and Maggy co on our next Kickstart

Specifically for ladies over 40 and 50

Send over a message

And I’ll be in touch


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How to get faster results…

How to get faster results…

I was chatting to someone the other day who’s just started on our Kickstart programme (message me if you’d like more info).

She mentioned she had been thinking about it for a while.

But wasn’t sure if she could stick to it (with her time commitments)

And wanted to see if she could do it alone.

And I see this a lot.

In fact, I’ve done it myself many times in different areas of my life. 

Tried to figure it out all by myself (and I think only by trying this do we realise how hard this is)

But here’s the thing..

And if you’re struggling for motivation because you want to see faster results?

Maybe you’ve started exercising, eating better 

Drinking more water 

Getting in more protein…

I want you to ask yourself this question:

“Where would you be if you hadn’t done any of the above?”

^^ read that again 

As just because you’re not where you want to be already

What if you haven’t gone backwards?

You’re fitter?

You’re stronger?

You’ve done more exercise, improved many health markers which you may not have measured, and got more in control of your snacking?

All of these things 

May have stopped you putting on another half a stone (or more) …

In fact, I know many people who’ve said they were thinking of starting 

But didn’t

Tried it alone.. 

Didn’t do anything.

Put on more weight.

Then said they’d go to the gym when they opened 

And haven’t been.

But that’s ok. 

Because it led you to know that it’s ok to ask for help. 

I mean, I have coaches myself.

And it keeps me accountable, too. 

Our focus can often be on

What we haven’t achieved… yet. 

Which is also OK. It’s what excites us.

But we have to take confidence from what we’ve done before to give you the courage to keep going.

And if you’re thinking about starting ?

No matter how small

Just start.

Because it’s the direction, not the speed that counts. 

It’s what you do consistently that counts.

Make it a great day!

Grateful everyday that our team get to receive messages like this: