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I’ve only done ” ( insert seemingly insignificant task here ) “

“I’ve only done 2 workouts”

“I’ve only had 3 nights where I didn’t drink”

“I’ve only done my water”

“I’ve only…”

^^ever said that before?

Well, mind your language 😉

You might think you should be doing more..

And maybe you could do more?

Or maybe you did more…when you were 20?

Maybe you know someone doing more than you (even though they don’t have the same responsibilities as you..)?

But here’s my point today…

What if the difference between you finally getting the results you want 

(even after trying everything – from SW, WW, Noom, to Joe Wicks and fasting, keto and hypnotherapy…)

Was doing the seemingly insignificant habits for a little bit longer?

What if you were one week away from getting the results you wanted…

But you gave up?

You see, no one ever asks you:

“Oh hey Karen, how is your bone density doing?”

“How’s your blood sugar levels?

“How’s your risk of Type 2 diabetes?”

“How’s your blood pressure?

“How’s your mood?”

“How’s your mental health”


It is nearly always:

“How much weight have you lost?”

And sure – this is important too..

And as you can see here:

we do help you lose weight / fat…

But what if you ended up missing the other wins and achievements

Which meant you didn’t stick to it for long enough to see the results you could have gotten?

This is one thing I will be touching on my FREE training on 20th October at 8pm inside my free group entitled:

“How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again”

To join me, go here:

See you there


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Not today?

Not today?

The best part of what I am about to share with you today?

you will be able to apply what I say today without any ingredients, shopping or counting syns, points, calories, greens, reds….

and get dramatic results and EMPOWERMENT..

But only if you do it…


Well, one of the reasons people struggle with motivation and doing the things they know they need to do?

They feel POWERLESS…

We are almost conditioned to think

“there is nothing I can do…”

“It is just the way I am..”

^^ that’s the Gorilla brain talking by the way 😉

So today is a really simple one you can apply to those situations where you cannot say ‘no’…but want to. 

I remember when I would go to my Nonna’s..

If it was for dinner, ‘you don’t like Nonna’s cooking” << after 5 plates haha

If it was just nipping in to say ‘hi’ << “have some pasta” “Or some juice?, “how about a biscuit?”

they mean well, of course.

Food is love. 

But if you always do things to please others at the expense of you, what results are you going to get?

^^^ read that again .

But what I am about to share is not just for when you are offered food and drink that you do not want..

but also for those times when you are in the kitchen

late at night

and that voice is saying:

“one won’t hurt’

“You deserve a treat”

Here’s what I want you to do today:

1) Give yourself permission to have what you like if you truly want to make that choice and it makes you feel better (even tomorrow)

2) “not today” <<< just say ‘not today’. The only thing that exists  is now, so if you are in control now, that is all that matters. You are not saying ‘never’. Just not today. 

I can’t say this will 100% work for you…

But I know it 100% won’t work for you, if you do not try it.

I spoke about this in more detail here:

If you prefer Youtube, watch here:

If you didn’t know, I am doing a free Live training, entitled:

“How to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again”

This will be on Wednesday 20th October at 8pm. 

Live in my free private group here:


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( Free training) Are you coming?!

[free training] Are you coming?

I got a load of comments and messages

After posting about doing a free live training on how to overcome comfort eating and start to feel in control of your food again.

So, I have decided to do this FREE training on Wednesday 20th October at 8pm.

Join me live in my free Facebook Group here:

Click the link to join and then click ‘request to join’ to ensure you are in and ready to go:


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Why you don’t need motivation…

Why you don’t need motivation…

So after our live question and answer session with Dr Adam Bibbey all about self sabotage and motivation the other week…

And after having a catch up with one of the ladies yesterday..

I just wanted to share this with you today

We were going through the 28 Day Kickstart workbook (something we do to get clear on what you want and put your starting, step by step plans together).

And she mentioned that she wanted to be less self critical.

The problem?

She saw this as a negative.

Something she wanted to fight against, almost.

But what if this was actually a good thing?

Hear me out..

Because without the ‘negative’ feeling of being self critical..

We wouldn’t be having the conversation we were having…

And had figured the following:

* She’s only self critical when she puts off doing the exercise that makes her feel amazing *

And why doesn’t she do it?

Well, there’s a habit to do anything else but exercise.

So now?

When she gets that feeling….

She is going to do a 5 minute exercise session..(because she is 10/10 confident she can do this)

The results?

Flooding your brain with good endorphins

More energy

Better outlook on life

Feeling of achieving something important

Knowing you are taking control of your health..

My point?

Always think ‘something’ rather than ‘all or nothing’

And see how you get on..

But don’t just take my word on it and nod your head…

There’s one more thing that you need to do to help your motivation…​​​​

You see, for starters you don’t need to be motivated.

People brush their teeth

Go to work


Without being ‘more motivated’…

So what’s the answer?

A study was completed in the UK with a group of people to try and build improved exercise habits.

 ​[if you’ve ever struggled with motivation in the past then you are going to find this very interesting]

The group was divided into 3.

GROUP 1 – The control group – were simply asked to track how often they exercised.

GROUP 2 – The motivation group – were asked to track their workouts BUT also to read material on the ‘benefits’ of exercise.

The researchers also explained to this group how exercise could reduce the risk of heart disease.

GROUP 3 – The planning group – They did all of the above BUT were also asked to do a plan writing down when and where they would exercise the following week.​The specific sentence they had to write down was:

‘On Monday, I will walk at lunch time and do a 5 minute exercise session “


‘During the next week, I will do [insert exercise] on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”​​​​

The Results – What % then actually exercised at least once the following week?

Group 1 = 35%

Group 2 = 38%

Group 3 = 91%

This is why just joining a standard gym and even some slimming clubs might not always work

​​ ​[unless you write down the specific days / times you’re going to go and do exercise and have someone remind you to do it and chase you up if you get a bit stuck and overwhelmed with it all – not just 1 week but every week]

This is why just saying “I’m motivated this time’ is not enough.

This is why just saying “I’m going to eat more healthily’ is not enough.

This is why just saying “I need to work harder’ doesn’t always work

MOTIVATION was never your problem.

Having the right plan in place probably was..

Simple? – Yep

Easy? – Actually yes….providing you just focus on 1 day at a time…

Start this now.

Write this sentence down and fill in the blanks – you have a 91% success rate of turning up if you do this. ​​

​​Then schedule it in.​ ….write it down.

‘During the next week, I will do [insert exercise] on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”​​​​​​

We do similar things inside our Reboot with snacking and comfort eating too..

And as Woody Allen said we all know that 80% of success is……..

​​‘Showing Up’ 

Anyway, Reboot starts this week ..

For ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the motivation and plan to actually do it and get the results they want with the way they want to look and feel.

This can be done in our BRAND NEW Ladies Only Studio in DEVIZES or Marlborough, 

Or all from home…

You can make this as personal or convenient as you want.

As ultimately…

This is about finding what works for YOU..

Just message me with ’Reboot’ if you’d like more info.

Matt ‘knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing” Fruci

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89 days….

89 Days…

WOW… Where did that go? 

Seems like just a minute ago since we were quietly (or loudly) telling 2020 to go away, 

Along with the lockdowns, Covid and restrictions…

Making plans for 2021…planning to do it differently.  

That this year would be the year we took charge of our bad habits, that we got into new routines….and as a byproduct?

Create new results for ourselves and our families.

And just like that?

We are into the 10th month of the year…

And are just 89 days away from 1st January .

So my message today is super simple and quick …

Whatever your results have been this year…

We have just over 2 months to go. 

We can write the rest of the year off (again) and think it will be easier in January when it is even darker and colder or accept where we are now. 

You have 2 months to work on YOU. 

2 months to create amazing memories and that sense of achievement so you can look back on 2021 and say:


Just like Deborah has (see image)

And however you decide to do this…

The most important part is that you DO..

As you only get results for done.

So if it’s doing the things you probably know you need to do that you need help with?

Our Reboot programme is perfect for you 

Specifically for women 40+  who pretty much know what to do already but need the accountability, support and plan to DO IT..

This week is the last week to book a call to join this month’s Reboot. 

If you’d like more info

Message me with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details. 


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Is breakfast the most important meal?

Is breakfast the most important meal?

What to expect: 5 minutes of debunking with practical tips you can apply right away

Had a question about whether brunch is OK or whether you miss out on the benefits of breakfast by delaying it?

Well, did you know that the definition of breakfast is breaking the fast, and many studies define this as eating before 11am?

Did you know that we “rate” statements as more “true” if we’ve heard them before?

Which brings me to:

“breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

You know, how they tell you that you HAVE to eat it to ‘spike your metabolism’ or that ‘you’ll go into starvation mode and store loads of fat on your stomach’

Truth is: The research shows there is NO change in your metabolism or weight loss whether you eat breakfast or not

Sure, it can help school kids concentrate and it is important to ensure they get good nutrition that you can control…


My point?

I’m all for routine. In fact, it’s something I’m pretty big on.


​​​​You do not have to eat breakfast to lose weight if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle

^^^ Maybe you’re up super early, value an extra 20 minute in bed or prefer to eat more later when you’re actually hungry

But what actually is breakfast (this might surprise you…)

You see, most people see breakfast as the meal they eat when they first get up

But it is actually defined as ‘breaking a fast’


The first meal you eat. So – technically – eating your first meal at 12pm still means you had ‘breakfast’ as you are ‘breaking your fast’

Why should you eat breakfast?

1) It might stop you grabbing anything high fat / sugary on-the-go

2) You can often choose what you want to eat in the morning as you’re likely to be at home so can pick nutritious foods that keep you going for longer and stop you snacking  (get your vitamins and minerals in)

3) I had a fry up yesterday (kept me full all day until our roast dinner…yet we call a fry up unhealthy???)

Why breakfast might not be for you…

1) You’re busy in the morning and food just isn’t a priority for you as you’re not hungry and won’t enjoy your food

2) You prefer to eat a bigger meal in the evening and want to balance your intake throughout the day

^^ Something I often do when eating a bigger meal later or up early and out and about…

So what do I do? And what do I recommend to others?


You see, it depends

^^^ Like most of things when it comes to diet, losing weight, and toning up

on your lifestyle, work, schedule and preferences.

Basically, whatever helps you stick to a small calorie deficit (if fat loss is your goal especially)

And whichever gives you MORE energy (if fitness is your goal)…

Thing is, we ARE NOT programmed to find it easy to lose weight in this world today where food is available so easily..

And we just don’t need to move so much anymore, whether that is work or just day to day..

We are then up against EXTREMIST views on nutrition 

Which – I guess – mean well..

But actually confuse people even more.

I mean, I can feel my passion coming out now..

But when you make GENERAL statements about nutrition..

Without any caveats


About the person..

It becomes dangerous..

I see it all of the time.

People start to blame themselves..

Feel rubbish..

Keep binging..

‘Try a bit harder next week’

Without looking deep into this.

Yes, we all have to take some responsibility…


This also screws people over

When they are following blanket advice

As they feel like they are doing everything right…


That’s it from me.

Can you tell I am pumped up for the next week?

Well, busy day ahead..

Putting together my lecture for the Nutrition students at Oxford Brookes University…


Launching our next Reboot Programme (reply with Reboot if you would like more info)

We start from tomorrow 🙂 


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” It’s just easy not to do it”

So me and Mrs Fruci had our 7th Wedding anniversary this week..

(yep, she’s put up with me for 7 years…where has the time gone!!)

We first met at the grand old age of 3..

On a beach in Cornwall..

Apparently, I had the biggest sand castle..

And you know what they say about big sand castles…


Something that I know..

Is how with our jobs, kids etc

We often just pass each other in and out all week.

And you could say that it sounds really sad…

But with 2 kids and careers that have busier periods than others..

It’s actually something that we accept

And as a result?

Structure in times when we will celebrate events, be it birthdays or Anniversaries,

On dates where we are free. 

Be it a few days in Cornwall, a day out etc.

That works for us…

Having something booked in means I know I’ve got something to look forward to as well

Which does wonders for my motivation (something. I did struggle a bit with during lockdown)

And speaking of ‘works’…

The reason I am sharing this?

Is because when I speak with ladies about all of the diets they have tried

You know, SW, WW, Rosemary Conley, LighterLife, the Cambridge one…I could go on..

Which all CAN help you lose weight by helping you get into a calorie deficit..

They seem to be beating themselves up because they couldn’t stick to it..

Maybe they could not keep the weight off,

Stick to it every week.

Could not keep it up when they had holidays or anniversaries.//

They had a poor relationship with food, binging / comfort eating/ dreading weekly weigh ins and feeling anxious..

And / or actually want to focus on getting fitter,

Not just to make everyday tasks easier, like climbing stairs and hills,

But to reduce your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes..

And – also – just do something for YOU (for once) that makes you feel good.


I will then get asked about the latest diets..

“Should I try this diet?”

“Will this diet work better?”

Be it a keto diet, a vegan diet, a carnivore diet, a fast diet, the 5:2 diet..

Whatever it may be..

And – again – these CAN all work….


Through the principle that you create a calorie deficit…(there may be other benefits)

And my advice to you is to just try it….

Because THEN 

Even if you feel it doesn’t work?

Well, you now know.

And if does?

Great! Take the positives and you now have another ‘tactic’ to help you manage

Your relationship with food, binge eating, food intake, hunger etc.

For example, one of the ladies inside the programme

Uses the 5:2 diet as a tool in the toolbox..

It suits her lifestyle. 

We expect to fall in love on the first date and live happily ever after..

Remember this…

You do NOT have to fall in love with one diet for the rest of your life..

You know, when I think about it..

Some of my meals (like an omelette)

Will be vegetarian..

Some will be 50% vegan and 50% carnivore together (meat and veg) 

I may even have the odd meal that is vegan (especially when experimenting with recipes for our meal plan books)

I’ll often go lower carbs because it helps with my IBS..

I’ll rarely ever eat things like beans and lentils…

That works for me..

Just remember that every diet is simply a TACTIC to help you with the PRINCIPLE of achieving a calorie deficit. 

And ultimately,

The secret is finding a way of eating that suits your lifestyle…

That understands YOU

Your relationship with food

The fact you may still want a social life and a few drinks on the weekend.

So then it is less about an end point…

(which can often promote binging) .

And more about what you CAN do 

And achieve .

Like Sue said last week after celebrating her 70th Birthday

Check out Sue’s transformation here:

Anyway, it’s day 4 for the ladies who’ve just started our September Reboot on Monday…

On to more one to ones today.

If you’d like to join our 4th October start date?

Just message me with “Reboot” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “under 5s 1993 Sand Castle Champion” Fruci

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Sorry to go on….

I was having a chat with one of the ladies who’s about to get started on our Reboot programme this week.

(reply with ‘Reboot’ for more details. Last start date is next week) 

And she asked me ‘why is this just for ladies over 40?’..

Which reminded me about why this all started…

You see, I used to just do personal training…

You know, train people in a gym, do some food plans…that was it.

Until I started seeing that a few of the ladies I worked with said that they would never do this on their own without me in the gym…

And it got me then doing programmes that the ladies could do at home and with minimal equipment.

It was no longer something they had to do with loads of equipment in an intimidating gym…

When you feel everyone is look at you…

Where they would worry:

 ‘I will be the most unfit’

‘I will look silly’

‘I’ll be too big’…

And this was I knew I had to do something about it 

when one of the ladies actually had a panic attack in a gym we were in..

She didn’t feel comfortable so we started training in her home…

Her friend then wanted to do it with her and…

That was it..

I decided to launch a programme specifically for women over 40…

So the intensity, 




Can all be bespoke for you..

I can’t tell you how many conversations I had with people who’d say:

“It’s just too easy to put it off”

And then it usually goes like this:

“When I go to a gym

I just do what I know. 

Probably cross trainer. 

I avoid the weight area as I feel intimidated. 

Someone might come up to me and ask if I need help.

I quickly say ‘no’ and then wish I would have said ‘yes’ but it just all feels too much.

I feel good once I am done 

But I have no idea if I did it correctly.”

^^^ sound familiar? 

I remember back in 2014 when we first started our ladies only programmes…

No kids at the time..

Had just got married…

And I just had this vision to create the best ladies only programme in Wiltshire [specifically for ladies over 40]..

I wanted to make it non-intimidating

Somewhere that people who never thought they could find somewhere comfortable to get fit and healthy could go.

And find themselves surprising themselves by actually sticking to it.

For ladies to make friends, not be judged, speak to expert trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga teachers

And get amazing results.

To become stronger – physically and mentally

More confident. 

To overcome adversity..

And for the past 7 years or so 

It surpassed what I could ever have imagined…

I absolutely love my work

And I love delivering our live home workouts and in-person sessions to all of our members ..

Thing is though?

None of this is good without people…

Without our amazing community. 

Our team of awesome coaches.

Sorry to go on and on haha

Writing these emails are meant to inspire you to become fitter and healthier.

I actually find them therapeutic to write. 

This one especially..

So if you’re still reading?

Thanks for listening to this long-winded answer..

In a nutshell:

The reason this is only for women 40+…

Is because:

  1. Support and community is a big part of this to help you stay motivated and confident that you do not have to do this along
  2. It allows us to make everything more bespoke for you (a woman over 40 wouldn’t do the same thing as a 20 year old guy…)
  3. This includes nutrition and fitness, taking into account injuries, joint issues, diets you’ve tried before, menopause and more…

That’s all for now..


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Who’s it for? What’s it like?

Who’s it for? What’s it like?

Had a question about who it is for and what it’s like yesterday. 

So thought I would share this today. 

We’re not a gym.

We don’t invite anyone to our programme to become a member. 

We actually have a criteria and application process

As it has to be right for you and us. 

The reason for this is because we offer a bespoke personal training programme 

And for this to work properly and everyone enjoys it and gets the most from it, the group needs to be quite similar. 

One of the questions we ask is who are you doing this for?

Most – probably 80% – say ‘myself’.

They are doing it for them.

To be the best version of themselves.

To perhaps be an example to others – kids and grandkids as the byproduct.

The Reboot isn’t really suitable for women who are super fit or bodybuilders ..

We work with women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s to get in shape, have a bit of fun in the process but GET RESULTS in the process → more in control of food, more toned and fitter 🙂 

So if you think you might have got to the point where you finally want to prioritise you?

Our next programme is starting soon.

If you have any questions just message me with ‘Reboot’ and we can have a chat.


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7 Ways to cope with the darker mornings (and evenings)

So I have had a few questions recently about energy levels

And how to keep up energy levels and motivation with the darker evenings and mornings. 

And I get it.

I am an early bird and I have noticed the darker mornings making it that little bit more difficult to get up.

That said, it does mean the kids sleep in a bit more 🙂 

But there are some things you CAN do today to help increase your energy levels and cope with the darker mornings and evenings better.

I go through the in this 6 minute video 

But here is a quicker summary as I know you might be busy:

1→ Wake up with light

2→ Take Vitamin D3 (This can help with SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

3→ Get some daylight in the day (this will wake you up)

4→ Routine → go to bed and wake up at the same time (your body loves homeostasis)

5 → Have a higher protein breakfast (you might pick less which then impacts your slump mid afternoon)

6→ Time your coffees / caffeine intake → avoid caffeine after midafternoon ish (it has a half life of 4 hours)

7→ Sleep hygiene → Have a warm bath or shower before bed, make your room cool and dark, and even sleep in separate rooms if you get woken up by someone. Restless legs? Weak bladder? Try magnesium citrate. 

Thing is though 

You probably know most of this already, right?

But knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing..

Which is why we focus on getting you to do the things you know you need to do in our Reboot Programme.

Message me with ‘reboot’ and I’ll get you the details.

Flexible start date this week.