In 3 months (well done, Lindsay)

Amazing work, Lindsay: ✅Nearly 3 stone down ✅Couple of dress sizes down ✅ Not starved herself… ✅ Or worked herself into the ground at a gym (think sustainable)  Amazing work, Lindsay. What a transformation Excited to see what you achieve next 🙂  Small habits compound effect. Want to find out more about our January Kickstart? …

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What happened to Hilary

Meet Hilary Hilary joined as she knew it was the time to do something about her weight and fitness. Hilary had tried personal training and the slimming clubs before, but never had the support to lose the weight. Despite being anxious about her first session, after seeing how it was all adapted to you so …

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in 3 weeks…

Got this message last week (see image)  It’s not too late if you’d like to join us on our 21 Day Pre Christmas Kickstart Perfect if you want to kickstart your health and fitness and get more accountability . Even if it is get some habits into place Ready for the New Year. So you …

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“My meals are ok, it’s the bits in-between” 🤔

Sure, snacking is not inherently “bad” But consider that most snack options are there to be quick, easy, palatable, and lack water (so they are more perishable)… Many can be high calorie and not massively filling. Unless you’re planned you could also find yourself “making do” with whatever is available… One way around this? Make …

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Kids in a spa?

Went to a spa a few months back… and they let kids in early morning. So being the romantic I am? Me, Mrs Fruci and our kids went to the spa… and wow what a difference You know in a Jacuzzi where everyone has their own personal space, right? Well, with the kids spa It …

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