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Next week?

We’re launching our next Reboot challenge starting next week (flexible start date). 

This is especially for women 40+ who feel they’ve fallen off the wagon over the Summer months and want to take back control of their health, fitness and relationship with food. 

If you’d like to find out more, just message me with the word: Reboot

Speak soon 


P.S – We have just 6 spaces left for this. September and October are typically quite a busy time for us so we expect to fill up fast!

Message me with the word: “Reboot” if you’d like more info.

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Happy 80th Birthday!!!

What an inspiration..

We did a little surprise for one of our awesome ladies, Nanette on Tuesday..

Who celebrated her 80th birthday..

The same day she did her 105th Fruci Fit Session – well done 🙂 

A real inspiration..

Which brings me on to what a recent 2020 review in the ‘Nutrients’ Journal discussed when it comes to longevity.

Here’s what they found:

  1. Exercise –

→ 12 weeks of exercise reduced proinflammatory markers in the body

→ HighER intensity exercise showed benefits for people with rheumatoid arthritis. 

→ Higher fitness levels are associated with improvements in T cells / white blood cells which boost immune system 

→ Postmenopausal women following successful breast cancer treatment showed increase in T cells (suggests healthy immune system) after exercise programme. 

2. Tryptophan –an amino acid protein found in eggs, fish, meats and legumes. 

Linked with serotonin, cognitive function and mood. 

3. Omega 3 fats – found in oily fish / algae. 

Important for preserving muscle, improving mood and has anti inflammatory properties

Interesting stuff..

And of course there is more..

I discussed this in more details with researcher Richie Kirwin here: 

If you have Apple device, 

If you have Android, 

So I will leave you with this:

If you don’t prioritise you …

No one else will..

Because everyone else will come to you 

To help them achieve their priorities…

They don’t mean to get in the way

It’s just everyone is doing their best, for them…

^^^ read that again.

And what if …

You could actually help more people by looking after you first?

Who else would benefit if you put yourself first today?

And this isn’t about trying to do something..

This is about getting better at DOING.

Even if it is grabbing a glass of water before each meal today..

Getting protein in your breakfast.

Small habits, compound effect. 

Matt ‘Happy Birthday’ Fruci

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What to do when you hit a weight loss plateau…

What to do when you hit a weight loss plateau…

Ever lost some weight then things just slowed down

And you feel like there’s no point and you may as well give up?

Well, what if I told you that this 100% WILL happen.

At some point.

It is ON the way rather than IN the way..

There are physiological reasons:

👉 When you lose weight, you become smaller. When you are smaller you need fewer calories to exist 

^^^ one study found that when you wear a weight vest carrying the weight you have lost e.g. if you lost 10lbs then you wear a weight vest weighing 10lbs, then it helps breakthrough these plateaus. Hardly practical but proves the point that we may need to adapt the plan or stay consistent for longer.

👉 You may move less than you were, perhaps subconsciously

But there are also psychological reasons:

👉  You have a belief that if weight loss slows down or it is not working as much as you would like that means you may as well give up …

^^ what if you were one day away from starting to see the results you wanted to achieve but you gave up?

👉  Stress / obstacles happen → social events, family life, work life etc. could lead to stress, which can impact your pre frontal cortex and impact your ability to make better informed decisions.

Maybe this then means you gain a little weight. 

You can either blame yourself, shame yourself. 

Believe that because you have ‘messed up’ you may as well give up…

Or you can do what they find people who get the best results do:

Shorten the gap between beating yourself up and getting back to it

👉 Comfort eating → You have a habit of comfort eating. How do you feel after? Does it solve the problem? Is the stress still there after you have been comfort eating? So you could say this is discomfort eating?

👉 You are all or nothing → You decide that because there is a social event or work is busy, you do nothing. As it is ‘not the right time’, ‘things need to slow down’,…

^^^ problem with this? There will always be obstacles. There is always something you can do.

And guess what?

Anyone can have a great week when everything is smooth and there are no obstacles.

But you can make surprising results doing small habits consistently 

Which means that your ‘so-called’ bad weeks just get a little bit better..

What if you could make those weeks which you usually just think ‘F it’ a bit better? 

👉 We underestimate how much we eat → one study showed that in people who have made at least 8 attempts to lose weight, they found that people underestimated food intake by 47% and overestimated their exercise by 51%

And that’s where having a plan of action, which changes as you change

Depending on your lifestyle helps you achieve sustainable results. 

Just like we do in the Reboot programme. 

Setting a clear, simple habit…

To squash overwhelm 

And do the things we know we need to do for long enough to see the results you want. 


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What happened to Sarah?

What happened to Sarah?

Got this message from Sarah yesterday after our lunchtime session (muscle strength focus) – see the picture. 

Well done, Sarah

Body shape changing

More energy

Less tiredness

No pressure to do it all and be ‘superwoman’ 

But rather just a focus on being the best version of YOU.

After all, your pace is the right pace.

It’s not about keeping up with a 20 year old..

We don’t work with bodybuilders…

We work with ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s 🙂 

All looking to reboot their self esteem, energy and general well being.

Just like Sarah is.

If you’d like to join Sarah and co.

Our Reboot programmes, specifically for women 40+…

Message me with ‘Reboot’ and I’ll get you the details. 


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Does anything matter more than this?

Does anything matter more than this?

That is..

What you say to yourself about yourself?

^^ read that again

As I am pretty sure that the things you hear from yourself

Dictate how you feel and what you DO..

Which then impacts your results….

All because you are in default mode…

Labelling yourself based on past experience …

Which might not even be as true as you describe them?

So how you change these?

Well, any success you have in life

Is pretty much based on rituals..

And even if you do ONE thing a day

Which helps you get closer to who and what you want to become?

At least you have given your chance of winning the day…

Whether that is doing a workout because your focus is how you WANT to feel rather than how you feel?

Eating a big salad / load of veggies at lunch so even if your meal later is a bit ‘off track’ you still had your veggies?

Going for walk / moving in the day as we know that improves your mood?

Whatever it is..

This is how you build confidence. 

As confidence comes from evidence of you DOING..

And that’s when the magic happens.

Like these messages in the images of this post we got this week:

If you’d like more info on our Reboot programme starting next week

Specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already but need the plan, accountability and support to DO it and get the results (because knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing)

Message me with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details.


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Why do you eat more? (And regret it)

Why do you eat more? (And regret it)

Over the next 3 minutes I’m going to explain how to get your hunger signals working for you so you can feel more in control and aligned with your body and hunger 

Which in turn 

Can help with weight loss, blood sugar levels, overeating and health  …


Ever eat a meal and think 

“Why did I just eat all of that?”

You feel over full 

And quite uncomfortable…

Maybe you’ve even looked down from your laptop and noticed your snack is gone and barely remembered eating it?

Well, science tells us why…

And how we override our natural hunger signals

Which can lead us to our hunger hormones..

Studies show say you’re given 

Macaroni and cheese (delicious and often used in research)

You might start off really enjoying it

However, you’ll reach a stage where you’ll eventually get full of macaroni cheese …

But you’ll still have room for pudding. 

Sounds familiar, right?

There’s more…

When people were given macaroni and cheese

But then offered some chips etc 

Whilst eating the meal 

People ate more macaroni and cheese 

And it took them longer to feel full and satisfied.

There’s even more 🚀

❌ Listening to the radio, being on your phone and watching tv  could also increase your food intake and impact how full you feel 


you can flip all of this in your favour 😃😃 

✅Variety can make you eat more.

Increasing the variety and quantity of veg in and around meals can increase the likelihood we eat more veg.

^^^ interesting study showed giving kids veg as a starter meant  they are more veg as they weren’t competing with the pizza or pasta  😉 research in adults also shows that those who have a salad before a meal are less (they had vinegar on the salads too which can help blood sugar levels)

✅  add 10 chews to your mouthful today (super simple one)

I spoke about this more here:


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You are probably wondering why I have written 4961 ?

Well, this is the average number of steps people do in a day.

And it just so happens that research shows that people who did less than 5469

Are more likely to suffer from low mood and depression.

What does this mean?

Well, your brain rewards you for MOVING…

Not before you do it.

Only after.

I mean I’d be lying if I said I was always excited to exercise.

I love having exercised (aka the feeling when I have finished)

The endorphins flooding my brain

The sense of achievement 

All occur instantly. 

Then it is a case of you putting your attention on where you’ll be 5 years from now if you keep building on where you are right now.

Be it your independence 

Bone density

Blood sugar levels

Running around with the kids / grandchildren 

Making everyday tasks easier.

Risk of disease..

I could go on..

There are only so many times in our lives that we can say ‘tomorrow’ …

And just like this research indicates…

Small habits can make a big difference. 

Matt ‘small habits, compound effect’ Fruci 

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How to change bad habits…

“You left the cupboard door open, Daddy”

^^^ my 4 year old says to me..

It’s a well-ingrained habit.

I don’t mean to do it.

But when I am on the go?

Rushing around?

I seem to fall back into it..

But you know what?

Having a 4 year old point it out sure is helping me..

It’s keeping me accountable. 

I mean, who wants to be called out by a 4 year old 😉

But why am I sharing this today?

Well, we often define habits as ‘bad’ or ‘good’..

We say things like:

“Bad habits are hard to break”

“It’s the way I am”

^^^ that’s me with my cupboard doors…until a 4 year old calls me out…

Thing is, what do you believe and how do you feel

When you believe that “bad habits are hard to break”


“It’s the way I am”? 

Disempowering, right?

It’s almost like ‘What’s the point?”

The good news?

Habits are not actually ‘good’ or ‘bad’ until we label them..

“Bad” habits are no harder to break than “good” habits until we label them..

It’s simply a case of:


^^ read that again

That is how we are where we are today.

Our brains “learn to forget” AKA we do things without having to think about it.

You know, like brushing our teeth, leaving cupboard doors open..

Or grabbing that extra handful of nuts and raisins …then a biscuit before bed as we just feel like something…

I get it..

This is why we take you through small steps to give you the awareness and accountability to transform your habits 

So you can tone up, get fit and develop a positive  relationship with food again where you feel in control.

Our Reboot programme is now open.

If you’d like more info

Just message me with ‘reboot’ and I will get you the details


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Why me?

Why me?

So if you didn’t know?

We had to move our private studio in Marlborough about 5 minutes away.

Initially, it was panic..

“This is a bit 💩”

“What are we going to do?”

“Why is there always something that comes up?”

And something that is top of mind awareness for me right now

With a lot of the chat with the ladies on our programmes

Being about motivation, self sabotage and the language we use.

So here’s a little task for you to trick your brain 

Into creating solutions..

You see, ever say things like;

“This is just 💩”

“I can’t do anything about it. It is out of my hands”

“Why does this always happen to me?”

How do you feel when you speak like this?

It’s exhausting right?

Well, what would be different if you swapped them for these:

“This is just 💩” → “This is an obstacle ON the way not IN the way”

“I can’t do anything about it. It is out of my hands”  → What COULD you do? Dodgy shoulder? Bad knee? What CAN you do with what you have and where you are?

“Why does this always happen to me?”  → “Why does this always happen FOR me”

Where there is optimism, there is opportunity…

Unfortunately, you will probably fit in better 

By being pessimistic…

As we have a middle ground..

You only have to watch the news

To know that we love being pessimistic

And we get a lot from it..

But that’s the difference

And how some people can get and stay motivated…

Because our perception changes…

Outlook changes.

We can either believe that everything is happening TO you

Or that everything is happening FOR you…

It’s your choice..

And it just so happens..

That after the dust has now settled..

Moving studios has been a blessing in disguise 🙂