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I’ll have it in the morning 

“Can I go to the toy shop?”

My 4 year old ask…

“Maybe once your star chart 📊 🌟 is full up you can take some from your piggy bank”

I responded..

And this is hard.

It’s hard for us 

Let alone a 4 year old.

Doing tasks with no guarantee of a reward. 

I mean they’re still learning about how consequences come from their behaviour at that age.

And the benefits and results that come from delayed gratification.

We talk about delayed gratification a lot 

Inside our Kickstart programme .

It’s a practice …

And a strategy I yae when I fancy something on an evening but I’m not really hungry 

Is to say:

“If I still want it in the morning, I’ll have it then”

Give it a try. 

I’m not saying I can’t have it

I’m just delaying the choice.

A bit like I would when making many decisions.

Sleep on it..

See how I feel in the morning.

Can I really justify that pink fluffy unicorn outfit?

^^ did I just say that out loud ooops 

It was to entertain my kids, honest 😂 

But anyway…

Try it today.

If you get a craving 

Give yourself permission to have it in the morning tomorrow

If you still want it.

 “Sleep on it”

As we say. 

Matt “sleeping on it in his unicorn outfit” Fruci

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it’s the bits inbetween  🍭  🍫 

“My meals are ok, it’s the bits in-between” 🤔

Sure, snacking is not inherently “bad”

But consider that most snack options are there to be quick, easy, palatable, and lack water (so they are more perishable)…

Many can be high calorie and not massively filling.

Unelss you’re planned you could also find yourself “making do” with whatever there is available…

One way around this?

Make your meals which you say you are “ok” with anyway, bigger. 😀

Double your protein?

Add a veggie?

Add a carb portion (sounds scary to some but what’s the alternative aka what if this keeps you more full and stops you snacking?)

Best part?

Fewer decisions to make..

Less willpower needed 😀


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Perfectionist? Try this

“But I’m a perfectionist” 

“But I’m an all or nothing person”

^^ ever said that ?

I get it.

And comes up a lot.

So today I wanted to give on simple tip…

Take the “But”…

And add it on the end

“But I’m a perfectionist and I couldn’t get more normal workouts in 


^^ read that again 

But I did my best by 

👉 getting my steps up instead of my usual workout in the morning (as I did last weekend when away as I had no pull up bar)

👉 focussing on protein and fibre at other meal times to compensate for a meal out 

👉 choosing which social events I will drink at

And sure

It’s not perfect.

And not easy

But it’s sure faster than waiting until January 

Especially when you relate it to your WHY

As we do inside our Kickstart…

👉 because I need to drop fat to get this operation 

👉 because I need to lose weight for IVF

👉 because I want to improve my mobility to get up and down from the floor with the kids (and keep up with them)

I could go on 

(As you know)

And I explain more in this video here: 


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About this week 

This week we start our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge.

Small, simple habits

You can do even on your busiest, most stressful day. 

Regardless of meals out 🥘 

Social events 🍹 

Mince pies 🥧 

And how busy you are.

This is about moving away from being “perfect”

But towards progress.

Just like we say at Fruci Fit.

Your pace is the right pace

1% better every day!

Want to join the 21 Day Pre Christmas habit challenge  🎅?

Message me with “Christmas” and I’ll get you the details 


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 Tips for the buffet 

It’s no secret that 

We tend to eat more when we are faced with a buffet…

After all, too much choice = don’t want to make the wrong choice / miss out so we often pile up the plates

I’ve been there 😂 

Walking around, 

😮 wow Chinese chicken 

*puts some chicken on plate*

Oh 😮 wow they have a grill. I’ll have done prawns and steak

Or wow look at those starters 

And sushi 

And puddings 

😮 they have waffles

“I’ll have one of them” 

I could go one 😂 

The more choices we have the more we tend to eat. 

For a variety of reasons 

One being we don’t get taste fatigue so quickly 

After all, if you gave me unlimited Chinese chicken wings…

I could only eat so much before getting a bit bored.

But if you give me some sides, some other meats and fish, some rice…

I’ll get less bored of the wings…

Studies show this.

For example, let’s say you’re given 

Macaroni and cheese (delicious and often used in research)

You might start off really enjoying it

However, you’ll reach a stage where you’ll eventually get full of macaroni cheese …

But you’ll still have room for pudding. 

Sounds familiar, right?

There’s more…

When people were given macaroni and cheese

But then offered some chips etc 

Whilst eating the meal 

People ate more macaroni and cheese 

And it took them longer to feel full and satisfied.

There’s even more 🚀

❌ Listening to the radio, being on your phone and watching tv  could also increase your food intake and impact how full you feel 


you can flip all of this in your favour 😃😃 

✅Variety can make you eat more.

Increasing the variety and quantity of veg in and around meals can increase the likelihood we eat more veg.

^^^ interesting study showed giving kids veg as a starter meant  they are more veg as they weren’t competing with the pizza or pasta  😉 research in adults also shows that those who have a salad before a meal are less (they had vinegar on the salads too which can help blood sugar levels)

✅  add 10 chews to your mouthful today (super simple one)

✅ Finally, set your expectations before you go. Are you giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want? Great, choose to do that. Or are you choosing to fill your plate with a good protein source, lots of veg and then a carb of choice. Either way, rather than just “I’ll try and be good” (whatever that means) it’s about balance and setting your expectations 😀

Something all of which we go over in our Pre Christmas Habit Challenge which starts next week!

Message me with “Christmas” and I’ll get you the details


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What happened to Jane

Meet Jane 👋from Wiltshire.

Jane joined Fruci Fit because it got to the time where she knew she needed to do something, eating was out of control and wasn’t sure what to do.

Jane had been to a gym before, but was worried who would be at her first session, how she would look and if she could manage it, admitting she was quite shy about it, surprised how much confidence she had lost.

Shortly after joining, we went into lockdown, which Jane admits, “got me through lockdown”.

Fast forward to now? Jane has more confidence and despite her knee injury, can now walk for miles with her dog (something she could not do before). She is no longer ‘on a diet’ or ‘starting again Monday’ and – most importantly – is happy, no longer trying to out exercise a ‘diet’ but feeling more in control.

The small group sessions, the friends she has made and the support from the whole Fruci Fit community helping her create a lifestyle change rather than a quick, easy fix.

Well done, Jane.

It’s awesome to have you part of the Fruci Fit Community and amazing to see you now inspiring others.

Watch Jane’s story here: 

Or watch on Youtube here: 

If you want to join Jane and co on our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge?

Message me with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details


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Trying a Vegan diet?

With Christmas now on the agenda …

It’ll be January around the corner before we know it. 

Some people have said to me 

They’ll start in January

(Don’t forget it’s still dark, cold 🥶 but without Christmas lights then)

And wondering what they should do..

From vegan and keto to carnivore, shakes and calorie counting. 

I was then asked about whether you need to supplement on a vegan diet.

They had just gone vegan for health reasons and were told they can get everything from the diet.

They don’t want to eat ‘processed food’ or ‘fake processed meat’…

Which – I’ll be honest – will make it more difficult to cover your nutrients in order to be OPTIMAL..

(notice, I didn’t say survive…)

Now, this is not my opinion

This is just what the science says..

And I want to say first and foremost

That I will always put science over my own beliefs

Because – well – our beliefs can make us pretty biased..


Put simply,

🛑 Vitamin B12 is one that you will have to either get from:

A supplement / pill / injection


Fortified foods (some cereals, nut milks, nutritional yeast will have it)

Without Vitamin B12?

Red blood cells may not function properly 

And you may experience tiredness, lack of energy, mouth ulcers, psychological issues / depression, and even pins and needles. 

You might have heard that you can get:

🛑 Iron, calcium, zinc, choline, and omega 3 from a vegan diet..

Now, you can get them from plant-based foods. 

But when you look at studies looking at large populations?

It seems people following a vegan diet tends to lead to higher deficiencies..

Thought to be because your body doesn’t absorb as much nutrition from these plant based sources and / or you have to eat so much of them to get enough…

Example being that the type of iron found in beans and spinach is not so easily absorbed by the human body compared to the iron found in red meat.

Now, this is not to say you can’t do a plant based / vegan diet and be healthy..

Far from.

Many people do fine.. providing they do pay more attention to these minerals and vitamins. 

And after all, cutting out food groups gives you a reason to say to no to many cakes, biscuits, and limits your food choices

^^^ which can also be a negative and hence why vegan diets are associated with eating disorders (more on that another day)

Which can make it easier to eat less (although that is changing with all the vegan cakes, pastries, burger and chips etc)

But if it were me going vegan?

Based on what the science says, I’d probably supplement with:


-Vitamin B12

-Omega 3 (look at algae supplements for alternative to fish)




-Vitamin D3 (even if you eat fish, eggs, meat and dairy, I’d still recommend this one)

To decrease my risk of anaemia, bone fractures, and even depression…over TIME…

I hope this helps…

This isn’t about what is right or wrong 

But actually considering that if you cut out a food group 

You need to ask the question:

Where can I get this nutrient from?

Because – ultimately – your reason for eating ANY way or doing ANY type of diet… 

Has to be the right one for you and your lifestyle and your goa 

I mean, one of the ladies did it purely for ‘health reasons’ 

but didn’t get on with it and felt so much better eating some fish, eggs and some meat again. 

Interesting part 

Is that she said 

‘I feel bad about it as I was committed to being veggie and still eat mostly veggie stuff. Just can’t believe it took me so long to work it out.”

Like I side, the most important part 

Is that you do what makes you happy…

Aligns with your values..

And gives you

energy, mood, body, and – dare I say it again – happiness

Matt ‘supplements’ Fruci

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saw this quote the other day and had to share it from James Clear

It reiterates what we say in our Kickstart 

And something we will be going over in our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge which starts Monday 28th November 

(Reply with “Christmas” and I’ll get you the details)

Which is putting your attention on the little wins and milestone 

On your journey. 

It’s so easy to forget these.

(I do it too) 

So focussed on how far we have to go

It’s like climbing a mountain. 

Being so focused on how far we have to go 

We never look back 

To enjoy the view 

And see how far we’ve come.

Which is why we focus on the most significant wins each week

No matter how big or small. 

Like these here 

After all.

Energy flows where your attention goes 


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I don’t believe it…

It was hanging on for dear life….

“Let me see if I can get it out” I asked

But no..

My 5 year old daughter would rather leave her tooth hanging 

Flicking it around


Amusing her sister

And using it as a great excuse to stay up later..

Up and down the stairs

(one of those nights)

“One more story”

“Right it is bedtime now”

10pm arrives

And they both come down…

‘The tooth is out”


The best part?

“You best go to sleep so the tooth fairy comes’

And just like that?

Two kids

Flat out asleep…

The power of accountability 🙂 

And now my daughters don’t have any more wobbly teeth

(for now)

We seem to be turning our attention away from the tooth fairy towards 

Father Christmas. 

(who else)

And already 

We are getting the ‘so and so said Rudolph was not real”


She said ‘but he is..”

Phew, 5 is definitely too young to be believing santa is not real.

But the thing is

Just like the tooth fairy..

You don’t just suddenly stop believing.

It is gradual. 

There are a few moments you question it..

Then eventually 

You realise and you think ‘ah yes, that makes sense now”

And it is the same when it comes to this health and fitness stuff.

I can say the same thing time and time again

You can try the same thing time and time again..

It may feel hard time and time again..

But progress is gradual..

You see, it is easy to think that you want to get faster results

Or that it is easier in January.

Thing is, progress is always gradual .

We forget the power of habits.

Might be hard today

But it will be easier tomorrow….

Imagine getting through December and going into January 

With an exercise routine already established (from knowing what to wear to where to go to the technique to the fact you will not be too unfit to do it…)

With the confidence to know that even with social events and temptations everywhere 

You have the skills to feel in control?

To know what works for you.

To have the accountability to do the things you know you need to do 

(which leave you waking with more energy)

Just like Margaret Mary said (see image)

And these are exactly the things we do in our Pre Christmas Habit Challenge starting Monday 28th November…

Message me with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details. 

Specifically for women 40+ who know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it.

Believing in Father Christmas is optional 😉

Matt ‘tooth fairy’ Fruci

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What’s your score?

It’s seen as one of the best indicators of diseases 

Like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

That is the waist to hip ratio.

Do you know yours?

If not, try this.

Step 1: measure your waist circumference

Grab your tape measure 

(Don’t suck in, just relax)

Preferably first thing In the morning after the loo and before eating.

Circle around from the top of your belly button.

Do it 2-3 times to get an accurate measure 

Eg 34”

Step 2: What’s your hip circumference?

This is the widest part of your bum. 

Measure 2-3 times again 


Your waist to hip ratio is just your waist / hip 

Eg 34 waist / 37 hips = 0.91

According to the World Health Organisation..

Anything above 0.85 for women is considered a health risk.

If higher than 1, then the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes is much higher.

The good news?

Is quite simple to sort out…

(not easy)

And it’s something we specialise in.

Working with Wiltshire ladies 40+ 

We combine the right level of workouts for you (even if you have a joint or health issue)

With the right nutrition habits 

To change your body shape. 

And get you the Awesome byproducts that often come with it

Like more energy, fitting your clothes better and improved sleep. 

We are now gearing for our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge

Starting on Monday 28th November.

With habits you can do on your busiest days

Even with meals out


And a social life.

After all, if you can do it now?

When can’t you do it?

Because the secret?

Is doing it.

We keep you accountable so you do it …

Want more details?

Message me with “Christmas” and I’ll get you the details