Free book?

So yesterday I shared about my free book: “Thirty-One and a Half-Day Habit Shift Simple Guide to Helping Ladies Over 40 Look and Feel Better… One Day at a Time” And a few have asked if you can get a physical copy too. You can grab it on Amazon or from me. Or if you …

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Well done, Joanna

-From couch potato  -To hitting 3 small group personal training sessions a week  Amazing work And as you can tell, I don’t think Joanna thought she would able to do it either… The bad news though? As every day goes by we are getting closer to June 20th.  Which is the first day of Summer.  …

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Struggling to stick to it?

Struggling to stick to your diet and exercise plan? Make a commitment to do it JUST FOR TODAY (after all, that’s all that exists) EVEN IF you’re busy  EVEN IF it’s not perfect EVEN IF you can’t “find the motivation” EVEN IF you’re not “in the right headspace” EVEN IF you don’t think you’ll be …

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