Is the birthday cake culture making you fat?

Oh go on...

It's Jane's birthday cake.

There's only slice left.

'Oh, OK then..."

It happens...

And it came up in a strategy meeting last week when a client was going through her typical diet:

"I get up and try to have some weetabix with fruit for breakfast.

Lunch is normally some chicken with a bit of salad. Sometimes some potatoes.

And for tea I'll have some fish or meat with vegetables and some potatoes."

Sounds OK, right? <<< But, surely they're eating more than that?

"What about in-between your meals? Any snacks?" - I ask...

And THIS is often the culprit.

No, not the coffee (it's never her fault)

But that vanilla sponge...

Those few biscuits.

That bag of crisps.

The chocolate bar.

^^^ And it's not that we shouldn't enjoy cake and chocolate, as Paul demonstrated HERE .

But it's the fact we're MINDLESSLY eating this stuff.

We're hardly aware of our snacking.

We just do it because it's there.

You could say it's out of control.

A habit that we can't seem to kick.

And this was brought to attention by Professor Nigel Hunt from the Royal College of Surgeons.

"For many people, the workplace is now the primary site of their sugar intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health"

Now, I agree with this...but only to an extent.

Here's why:

YOU CAN enjoy your favourite foods, lose weight and fit back into your favourite clothes.

^^^ and I actually encourage you to eat your favourite foods AKA 'syns'...

Because it's not that you:

'have a slow metabolism so you can't lose weight'

"are different"

'have a sweet tooth"

"don't have the willpower"

Rather, it's because you're not assessing.

Which means you're simply guessing.

And accepting that you:

1) Have no willpower and can't control your cravings

2) Have failed because you've eaten a slice of cake

So here's a task for you today:

Note down everytime you snack and answer these questions:

1) Am I actually hungry?

2) If yes, was it because I went too long without eating and ended up just grabbing anything to get a quick sugar fix?

3) How do you feel after eating this and 2 hours later? Mood, energy levels, bloated, feeling full?

Start to understand how different foods are impacting you!

Let me know how you get on.


PS. if you're looking for a healthy alternative, try these brownies:

Or how about a 3 minute cake for when you're really needing that quick fix:

PPS. Don't say I never spoil you...

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