Is soya yoghurt OK?

So, last week I wrote about whether low fat yoghurts are full of sugar (You can read by clicking here)

But I've since had many questions about soya yoghurt.

Some asking me whether soya can interact with birth control...

^^^ You'd probably need to have A LOT of soya to experience this or be very sensitive to it.

Although soya may increase estogren levels, I actually had a soya and almond yoghurt last week and I haven't turned into a woman (yet)...

Others were saying that surely soya yoghurt is a healthier altogether?

And it comes back down to YOU.

Do you have a problem with dairy?

Do you get bloating?


Well, maybe you need to find an alternative?

The good thing about soy is that the quality of protein is nearly as high as dairy (not quite, though).

Mmeaning that it will help keep you full and promote a more toned look.

It also has a health claim:

'Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.'

The cons?

* Well, it seems that overconsumption MAY have an impact on reproductive health

^^^ Seriously lacking consistent findings, though. The Japanese eat a ton of the stuff and they seem to be doing OK...

* It's not as nutritionally complete as dairy.

Which brings me on to tonight...

England vs Iceland

And I can't help but have a soft spot for Iceland.

Not just because they're the (MASSIVE) 'underdogs' <<< and that they provide bargains for your freezer...

But because the Icelanders inspired some tasty, nutritious, and filling yoghurts!

They make an efficient, nutritionally balanced snack that'll keep you going and stop you craving those Malted Milk biscuits (an old favourite of mine)...

Iceland may not be as 'nutritionally complete' as England in terms of quality players.

But they still got the 'points' they needed to go through.

Moral of today:

Whether you eat dairy, soya, almond, or coconut milk / yoghurt....

It's your overall intake (or points tally in football) that counts.

Sure, you may need to optimise the types of foods you're eating to ensure you're nutritionally balanced and not taking in a loads of foods that are making you tired and bloated.

And this is all part of the process:

That is, making sure you have optimal levels of the food groups to help you feel satisfied, full of energy, and confident in your new, more fashionable summer wardrobe.

Speak soon,

Matt 'pretty much on birth control' Fruci

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