I bet you don’t do THIS enough?

It’s something I put on the Fruci Fit Points System for many members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation

And use myself.

I make sure that I tick it off EVERYDAY.

We live in a time full of first world problems…

Stressing over work


A messy house (This is how justify not tidying up to the wife…)…

An iPhone that keeps ‘freezing’ (this was me last week…)…

And you know what makes all the above better?

Give you some perspective?


Having some fun!

When was the last time you had fun?

Did something stupid?

Something you really WANTED to do?

TASK for you TODAY:

Structure in AT LEAST 30 minutes per day of FUN

Watch a movie…


Get outside

Get creative (paint? Draw? Learn an instrument?)

Read a book

Bake a cake 

Whatever it is…

Put it in your diary

Just like it was a meeting with your ‘boss’ 

^^^ I bet you wouldn’t risk missing that meeting right?

And make sure you LAUGH!

Not just because it works like sit ups to give you a flat stomach…

But because it makes you feel better.

And relieves stress. 

Oh, and did you hear about the (extreme) case of Norman Cousins?

Pretty WOO WOO, I know…

But definitely worth a read for some perspective on LIFE (link at bottom of the blog)

Speak soon,


PS. Did you hear that the farmers fruit and veg market in Marlborough has gone into liquidation? They’re now selling smoothies…

PPS. That was my attempt at making you laugh…

You can check it out here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anatomy-Illness-As-Perceived-Patient/dp/0393326845

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