Billy’s ‘Hack’ and 5 MAGIC tips to be happy

So yesterday I spoke about good old Norman Cousins over here

And on the topic of being happy…

Here’s 5 MAGIC tips to be happy:

Measure – What you measure…improves. Do you know what’s working? If you don’t know what’s working, why are you even doing what you’re doing?

Activity – Move more. Get outside. Release those feel good endorphins, make everyday tasks like shopping and climbing stairs easier, and have a little look in the mirror along the way…

Give – It promotes cooperation and social interaction. It builds relationships. And guess what? You’ll probably get back more in return (from the power of social interaction)

Interests – Do something you enjoy. Everyday. Put it in your diary and tick it off!!

Connect – Reach out to a friend or loved one you’ve fallen out of touch with (maybe not fallen out of with…). Ask them how they are. Arrange to meet up. No better time than on a bank holiday weekend!

BONUS hack from Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy…

Take some time out for yourself during the day where you do…


And I get that doing NOTHING

Is hard.

So download this FREE app you can download on your phone to help:

It’s called: Insight Timer

It’s got a ton of resources to help you sleep, relax, and get away from the stress of LIFE

^^^ Can’t beat a 5 minute ‘mini moment’ to break up a long, stressful day!

Why do this?

Well, in today’s GO GO GO society

We’re constantly REACTING to stuff

When what we should be doing is RESPONDING to stuff.

So why are we reacting?

Well, we’re checking emails ‘on the go’… (GUILTY!!)

And responding to situations with zero emphaphy.

A bit like when you’ve had a long, hard day (or are hungover on a Sunday morning)

And take out all your stress on the other half for burning the toast…

Enjoy your weekend,


PS. Tomorrow, I give you my unfiltered opinion on whether sugar really is making you fat…

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