‘Boyband island? I hope that’s just a phase’

SPOILER ALERT if you havent seen the Disney film, ‘Inside Out’

So, both ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ make it back…

Riley opens up and no longer wants to ‘run away’ from everything

Just because ALL of her emotions are now contributing to her life…

^^^ Opening up new avenues in her personality and life, such as ‘boyband island’…

And it reminds me the typical diets out there today. 

You see, they’re stagnant (a bit like the river that I have to stop my black lab, Dora, jumping in everyday)

They never change (even though your body is changing)

And they’re repetitive. 

Which means it gets boring….

You quit!

And it’s back to square one 

Just you, Ben, Jerry and a whole load of frustration and guilt (and don’t forget the custard creams)

^^^ All because you were told you had to ‘give up’ these foods forever

You see, it isn’t JUST willpower why you quit and put the weight back on.

It’s also biology. 

A typical diet will mean:

* Your metabolism DECREASES so you burn less calories when resting and reading my emails…

* You’re hungry (or H-Angry…)

* Your hormones send signals to make you move less (which again means you burn less calories and lose less fat)

* You’re annoying to be around because ‘you can’t eat this’ and ‘can’t eat that’ 

^^^ As I used to be (I always wonder how the wife put up with me…)

And you see, what’s the easiest way to reverse of all the above?

Quit the diet, eat everything in sight and get more ‘jiggley’ than you were in the first place

^^^ Just like 1/3 of the dieters do…

Which is obviously what you don’t want, right?

But what if there was a better way?

One which boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories?

One that stops the ‘jiggley’ belly from ever coming back?

One that opens up new avenues (I can’t promise ‘boyband island’ though)

So you don’t get bored…

You can stick to the diet..

And actually get to eat more?

Well, recent research has shown that having ‘diet breaks’ can INCREASE your metabolism and lose more fat (even after the ‘diet’ has stopped)

The women who had ‘diet breaks’ lost over 7% more body fat and were double as likely to stick to the diet!

So here’s 3 ways you could do a ‘diet break’ and increase your metabolism (providing your protein intake is already sufficient):

1) Have a few days a week where you eat more…

2) Eat more carbs (yep, I said it) – Carbs can increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories at rest!

3) Eat more fat – now, this is anecdotal and purely based on my experience helping many other women lose weight

So, yes.

I’m basically saying that you CAN eat more, ditch the love handles and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

^^^ Which is what a ‘diet’ lives and dies on, right?

So, if your current diet isn’t giving you what you want…

You can find out why here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/ (Applications close Friday 2nd September at 5pm) 


PS. I can only imagine that eating more and losing weight is what ‘boyband island’ is for Riley…

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