The best exercise to ditch the baggy clothes?

Thank god…

Its not burpees.

And no, it’s not anything to do with Mel B’s workout DVDs

Or doing endless sit ups on the vibrating slender tone

^^^ I saw Ian Beale using this on Eastenders the other day (the wife put it on… not me…I promise)

And you’re probably going to hate this answer…

Because the reality is often painful to hear

So we avoid it

look for the magic pill

Try all the detox stuff that the gurus and celebs are endorsed to see you

And end up in the exact same position as you were 3 months ago

^^^ Unlike Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, who’s coming up to a stone of FAT loss despite going on holiday and enjoying her ice cream.

So, anyway, the best exercise to lose weight, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes?


And I get it

You’re busy

The kids keep you up

They won’t sleep in their own beds some night’s because Dad told them the bogeyman story

^^^ The same story that has you feeling ‘guilty’ when eating carbs or a bacon sarnie…

But here’s the thing:

Just 24 hours of sleep deprivation can turn off the pre frontal part of your brain which makes you human

Allows you to make better-informed, more intelligent decisions

Be it what you eat, what your kids eat, your work, and not to mention your relationships

And this is where I’m guilty…

Because when I’m tired

I get irritable

Irritable with the ‘boss’ (my wife)

And snappy at the smallest of things

Even feeling myself getting frustrated because my 12-week old baby started crying when I was singing to her 🙂

What else do you do when you’re tired?

Rush around

Don’t do anything for you

Skip your exercise sessions

Eat on the go

Opt for convenient high sugar, high fat foods that give you a little ‘feel good’ energy hit

Before the crash that makes you feel tired and worn out

And that’s not all

They’ve shown that kids grades went up one whole grade when they started school later, and finished later

So, is it really iPads and iThings letting this generation down

Or is it that they’re just not getting enough sleep?

So, what could you do to help you sleep?

1) Start your day off with 5 minutes for YOU – 

A good night’s sleep starts in the morning.

And unless you priorities your day, someone else will do it for you…on their agenda!​​​

​​​​This could be a brisk walk, 5 minutes of body weight exercise using the kitchen side (or even whilst you do the odd-jobs like the washing, as I show you here:

2) Avoid eating within the hour before going to bed-

This could mean that you get up in the night for a toilet trip and disrupt your sleep (or your 12-week old daughter, in my case :-))

3) Clear your head before going to bed –

Write down anything you have to do tomorrow on a bit of paper.

Clear your mind of ‘thought’s that you’ve chosen to dwell on.

4) Finish the day day by doing something for you –

Don’t make the unimportant jobs important

Read, have a bath, reflect on your day…

Even for 5 minutes and just note how this makes you feel

How this changes your mood

5) Do something FUN every, single day-

How do you feel when you have fun?

Pretty good right?

Imagine if you did that every day?

How would you feel?


What kind of person would you be like to be around?

6) Try this when laying in bed to racing mind to rest-

Start at 800

And count back in 7s…

That’s all I got for you…

For now!

Because I’ve got some news for you

About a FREE weight loss seminar that I’m hosting

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Matt ‘sleeping beauty’ Fruci

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