The TRUTH about prawns

So, last Sunday it was date day for me, the wife AKA boss, and our daughter

And after an amazing Sunny trip out to Avebury

I decided to get my cooking skills on

With a bit of surf n turf

You know, onion rings, steaks and PRAWNS…

So, there I am

coating my RAW prawns in ground almonds, pepper, salt and egg

Before frying them on a pan

I’m turning them frequently to give them that crispy finish

And caught myself tasting the scraps from the spatula.

I immediately thought back to my Food Safety qualifications that I did alongside my Postgraduate study in Oxford

Thinking: “That probably wasn’t a good idea, Matt. Oh well, I’ve done worse and got away with it”

So, I wash the spatula and overcook the prawns with the idea that this would somehow reverse any potential damage I’ve done.

Fast forward a a few hours…

and what I can only guess…is that DAMN prawn has me starting to feel a little tired and dizzy

I shrugged it off

And even though some say bowel movements are hereditary. That’s right, it ‘runs’ in the jeans

^^^ Couldn’t resist

After a night of many visits to the loo

I STILL just about…delivered a diabetes educational session


Admitting defeat and letting it pass

It’s safe to say, that contrary to Popeye’s advice…

I eased up on the spinach for a few days.

But here’s my point in all of this:

No matter how many qualifications you have

Or how much knowledge you have

^^^ About weight loss, diet, nutrition or cooking prawns

It’s irrelevant unless you DO something with it

And that’s exactly why the MAIN thing I look at when investing in a coach myself to level up on my body, fitness, family time, and sleep

Is their RESULTS!

Because – ultimately – a coach’s job is to get you RESULTS

That’s it

Now, yes..

I’m a Registered Nutritionist

^^^ which, of course, helps me

But if I couldn’t demonstrate ACTUAL results

Why should you believe that I can guarantee that you’ll lose weight, tone up, and and fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes?

and that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in our upcoming FREE live event on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club


Cassie is going to be sharing her story about how she​​​’s lost 2 and 1/2 stone and is fitting back into clothes she’s hasn’t dared try on in years WITHOUT having to give up her favourite foods.

To register

Go here:

​​​​​​​​​​​​Matt ‘full of $#*!’ Fruci

PS. We only have 20 places available at Marlborough Golf Club and places​​​​​​ will go on a strictly first come, first served basis:

PPS. No prawns will be on offer :-)​​

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