Bacon for breakfast? Should I be worried about processed meat?

Nothing like the smell of bacon 🥓 on a Sunday morning.

But should we be worried 😦 

Is it “bad” for you?

In this case, they mentioned how they had sausages a lot as their kids ate them

And they were a bit worried about their kids eating enough.

Also, it made their life easier as they knew they would eat it and everyone is happy and fed.

I get it.

So if you look at the research and guidance around processed meats, the main concern is the sodium nitrite added to preserve the meat. 

The reaction in your body can make a compound known as nitrosamine, which is listed as carcinogenic.

Now, before we panic. 

The devil is in the dose.

At the moment, the recommendation is no more than 50g a day, on average.

But again, it’s all relative risk. 

It’s not “death” or “staying alive”

It’s all part of a risk.

And you have to also consider 

👍 The psychosocial benefits of having the flexibility to have the odd bacon sandwich 

💪 It’s still a way to get protein, iron, vitamin B, carnitine,and creatine in your diet 

But can you get the best of both worlds?


With consumer interest rising to get more “natural” ingredients

It seems “naked” / “natural” additives are now being seen more and more.

After all, nitrates are naturally found in vegetables 

In fact, the nitric oxide effects of having beetroot 

And the reason why beetroot has benefits for blood pressure and heart disease risk.

Take these in the pic

Instead of using sodium nitrite, they use

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

And salt 

Which is great to see 

So there you go.

It’s rarely “good” or “bad” in nutrition 

Context is key. 

Will it have a sausage, some bacon or a  burger with sodium nitrite in again?


Will I try to limit it and go for the Naked options like above where possible?


It’s balance.

Who knows though..

They’ll probably be a new diet out soon 

Called the “nitrate” diet 

Where you don’t eat veg, meat, or fruit…

And the food is grown in a lab, nitrate free…

I could be wrong though…

And I think before that.

The bone density diet will be out first. 

Replacing the current craze of testing your blood sugar levels after eating a food…

(I spoke about this more here:

Anyway, enough of me rambling.

I’m just here to remind you 

To question everything.

Even me 😂 


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