Personalised nutrition & Glucose monitors 

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about personalised nutrition and glucose monitors. 

“Are they good?”

“Should I use them to see which foods I better respond to?”

So I wanted to share a recent 2023 (expensive) study 

Showing that glucose “spikes” are unreliable and unpredictable 

And that responses vary similarly whether you eat the SAME meal or a different meal. 


If I eat the same meal twice, glucose responses can be just as variable as if you eat two different meals 

Showing us that it’s unreliable 

And quite random. 

Therefore, isn’t ready to provide personalised nutrition advice. 

Of course though, you can get results in spite of what you do not because of it.

For example, let’s say I test my glucose levels and I see a spike in glucose to pasta, so I stop eating pasta. I may simply just be reducing my calorie intake. Therefore, weight drops off and I say “it was the pasta” when actually it was the calories. 

It’s great if people are getting results.

But what’s not great is the people who are developed / creating food aversions based on unreliable data given to them 

“I can’t eat blueberries” 

“I can’t eat porridge”

And from working with 1000s of people 

These can create negative relationships with food 

Binge-like behaviours 

And frustration that they “Have” to give up foods.

Anyway, I hope this helps

Have you ever used a glucose monitor before?

Note they’re not useless: for people with Type 1 Diabetes they are critical, jury is still out for those with Type 2)


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